TISS ( AESDII) Assessment and Empanelment Standards for Development Institutions in India

an attempt to create a model to evaluate, assess, accredit and build capacities of NPOs through a robust multi –layered scrutiny process that stresses adherence to ten major parameters, a combination of financial and programmatic

Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx)

To offer scalable and sustainable quality teaching and learning experiences for English, mathematics and science with values and hands on learning, enabled through technology, to strengthen the foundational competencies and confidence of students and teachers, critical to their success in the 21st century.

Centre for Academic Leadership and Education Management

To develop higher education leadership training content framework for central and state universities and institutes of national importance

Higher Education Leadership Academy (HELA)

To build capacities of existing higher education leaders and administrators and to draw fresh talent into the management of higher education systems, it is proposed to administer training programs for Higher Education (HE) leaders through a leadership academy

Mahatma Gandhi Academy for Human Development (MGAHD)

a joint initiative of the Institute and Nagaland Gandhi Ashram financially supported by The Hans Foundation, New Delhi

National University Students' Skill Development Programme

Develop skills, competency and knowledge of students to intervene in an equal and sustainable manner in the social and economic development of people. Foster socially conscientious students grounded in respect for people and concerned about the welfare of others. Gain a Certificate/Diploma in a specific career oriented domain in addition to receiving a Degree in the field of study.

iCALL Psychosocial Helpline

iCALL is a psychosocial counselling service that offers telephone and email-based counselling services, free of cost to people across age, gender, sexual orientation and issues, with a special focus on the hitherto marginalized sections of our society

Engagement with Rasthriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan

an overarching scheme, operated in mission mode for funding the state universities and colleges in order to achieve the aims of equity, access and excellence

Incubation Centre

to support social entrepreneurship where the students, immediately after graduation, get guidance, mentoring, physical space and network for funding and value based collaboration

National Corporate Social (CSR) Responsibility Hub

to focus on the mammoth task of developing a strategic framework for CSR in India

Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellowship Programme (PMRDFS)

The focus of the programme is on reduction of poverty and improving the lives of people in rural India.

All India Services Officers' Training

A week long in-service training programmes for Mid-career AIS (All India Services) officers


To strengthen the TB control programme of the MDTCS by providing counselling services for DR TB patients, and TB-HIV co-infected patients and their home caregivers, in select wards of Mumbai district; and building capacities of TB personnel for improving uptake of HIV services among TB patients.

GYURJA'S TISS-LAHDC Development Support Programme

aims at reconstructing public infrastructure in Taru Village and in coping with the consequences of the disaster

Labour Market Research Facility

A think tank that specialises in macro and micro labour market, household sample surveys, working and living condition surveys and macro labour market analysis