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Bhide, Amita
Designation Professor , Dean
Affiliation Centre for Urban Policy and Governance, M East Ward Social and Economic Transformation Programme, School of Habitat Studies

M.A. (TISS),
Ph.D. (Mumbai)

Areas of Interest Her areas of interest are urban development and habitat issues particularly focusing on Housing, livelihood and poverty and governance.Her recent work has focused on urban displacement and resettlement,migration,urban social movements and political economy of urban development and public housing.
Career History

Amita Bhide is the Chairperson of the Center of Urban Planning, Policy and Governance in the School of Habitat Studies . She has been engaged in teaching at the Institute for over 16 years, A former faculty in the School of Social work in the Department of Urban and Rural Community Development,she has been deeply involved in issues related to urban poor communities , community organization and housing right movements and advocacy groups..She has also worked on issues of tribal development and rural governance. She has been involved in several Committees of the local and state government in addressing issues of housing and poverty. Dr Bhide is the recipient of the Inaugural fellowship of the India China Institute on New School University, New York.