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Phadke, Shilpa
Designation Assistant Professor , Chairperson
Affiliation Centre for the Study of Contemporary Culture, School of Media and Cultural Studies, Urban Aspirations Project: TISS PUKAR Max Plank Institute Initiative

M.A. (SNDT),
M.Phil. (Cambridge, U.K.),
Ph.D. (TISS)

Areas of Interest Gender and the politics of space, the middle classes, sexuality and the body, feminist politics among young women, reproductive subjectivities, feminist parenting, and pedagogic practices.

Centre for Media and Cultural Studies:

Cultural Studies: An Introduction, Basic Course, Semester I, 3 credits. 

Gender, Media and Culture, Optional Course, Semester III, 2 credits. 

Gender, Space and Culture, Optional Course, Semester IV, 2 credits.


Women's Studies:

Gender, Media and Culture, Basic Course, Semester III, 2 credits 



• Feminist Mothering.
• Feminism and Young Women.
• Unfriendly Bodies? Talking on Young Men on Streets funded by the TISS Research Council. 
• Reproductive Subjectivities.




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