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Placement Overview

The TISS has always maintained a firm commitment to excellence, specifically in terms of relevanceto (a) the wider external context, and (b) the professional future of its students. All teaching programmes conducted by TISS are socially relevant, contributing to building a just and equitable society. The TISS has a 100% placement record across all programmes. This commitment is strengthened by way of taking the following initiatives / steps in this direction:

  • Periodic curricular review through School Boards and other committees that have been constituted for this purpose. The School Board is empowered to review the curriculum at the end of every academic year.

  • Enhancing links with both the profit and not-for-profit sectors to develop ongoing interface mechanisms that ensure that continuous feedback on teaching and training helps the Institute keep pace with external trends in the field.
  • Promoting events and forums such as seminars, conferences and meetings that bring together students and teachers with practitioners in the field to exchange ideas and information that can strengthen relevance.
  • Creating a vibrant and active alumni network that can enable TISS to link with alumni in the field and create spaces and opportunities for them to strengthen teaching and research at TISS through regular feedback. The TISS has started to intensify its interface with its alumni, through an Alumni Meet held on February 10-11, 2007. This will become an annual event making it possible for strengthening consultation with alumni on curriculum, employment opportunities for the graduates, etc.
  • Strengthen the field work component in all programmes that will enable students to gain valuable exposure to field realities and develop relevant skills.
  • Enhance field action projects that will strengthen faculty teaching and research through their continuous field engagement.
  • Strengthen and promote strategic student placement and campus recruitment programmes.
  • Strengthen library resources by bringing in the latest and quality publications in relevant subjects.
  • To make optimum use of IT resources to update and enhance the Institute?s knowledge base by reference to journals and latest publications.



Climate Change and Sustainability Studies: School of Habitat Studies

The Climate Change and Sustainability Studies have set up the Placement Committee to initiate and mobilise the placement process. This committee consists of all the students, who have equally put in their efforts to take forward the Campus placements of 2014. The Climate change and Sustainability Studies course has been introduced for the first time under the banner of TISS, and has trained professionals who have received basic education and training in dealing with the future vulnerabilities of people, communities, regions and nations arising from the impact of global warming. We have received a broad and yet thorough education in a number of aspects of this issue including the mitigation of global warming in the energy sector, as well as adaptation to whatever impacts that ongoing global warming may lead to. We have studied the associated issues from a thoroughly interdisciplinary perspective that combines views coming from the natural sciences, technology, the social sciences and political studies.

Placement Brochure 2014 [ Download ]


School of Social Work

Career Guidance and Placement Cell (CGPC) is an independent and autonomous body of Social Work student representatives, who are elected to facilitate the placement process and provide career guidance to the students of Social Work. The Executive Committee consists of nine members from one from each center of the School of Social Work. Apart from nine members the entire placement process takes place under the guidance of designated faculty members who monitor and help in the process. All the committee members hold different portfolios to aid the placement and career guidance process. The current committee members are Ankita Toppo, Deepak Assast, Jeegar Pithava, Rahul Chandra, Reeti Mahobe, Saurabh Kumar, Shruti Singh, Sreepriya Menon, Sugandh Saurabh.

Social Work programme being the flagship programme of TISS enrolls the highest amount of students in the institute. Professionals in Social Work equipped with essential skill set are the most sought after in this sector. However students of TISS prefer working in some of the most challenging areas of work. This year CGPC Team feels proud to announce the recruitment drive for School of Social Work 2014-2016. Keeping aside the heterogeneity, which is a feature of Social Work, the entire School combines under one banner for the largest recruitment drive in TISS. Every student of Social Work has a story to tell. From complexities in field work situations to creative research studies, students of Social Work continually engage with contemporary social issues. Being a part of Asia's oldest Social Sciences institute, students share the vision of TISS to serve Humanity.

Participate in TISS Campus Placement 2016

Important Documents

  1. Placement Brochure [ Download ]
  2. Placement Guidelines [ Download ]
  3. TISS Placement Form 2014-16 [ Download ]


Career Guidance & Placement Cell (2014-2016)

Prof. H. Beck
Faculty Convener,
, School of Social Work
Land Line: 022-25525450 Fax: +9122-25525050

Student Team - Sugandh Saurabh, Rahul Chandra, Reeti Mahobe, Saurabh Kumar, Deepak Assast, Sreepriya Menon, Ankita Toppo, Jeegar Pithava, Shruti Singh.

Contact details: Email: Mobile: 0989216118, 08655199263

School of HRM & LR

The Master''s students of HRM&LR were successful in inviting companies from the FMGC/Manufacturing (Hindustan Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Nestle, Nokia, Marico and Cadburys); Consulting (Ernst and Young, and Hewitt Associates); BFSI (Deutsche Bank, Axis Bank); and IT firms to the Institute for campus recruitment. With the participation of business houses like Tata Sons, RPG Group and Mahindra & Mahindra, it was a holistic portfolio of companies visiting the campus to recruit TISS students. All the students got placement; among them 10 got pre-placement offer and 2 got field placement offers.

Placement Brochure, 2013-15 [ Download ]

Executive Postgraduate Diploma In Human Resources Management (EPGDHRM) Placement Brochure, 2015 [ Download


School of Development Studies

The MA Development Studies programme of the School of Development Studies, TISS equips students with a critical, historical and global understanding of the development discourse. The inter-disciplinary course structure orients students in grasping the dynamic inter-linkages between economic, politics, society and law and their impact on development. The programmeś special emphasis on research plays a vital role in enhancing the methodological and analytical capabilities of students.

The MA Development Studies students of TISS have pursued careers in diverse sectors such as consultancy organisations, corporate organisations involved in socio-economic activities, research and think tank bodies, non-governmental organisations (NGO´s), medial, development facilitating national and international agencies, academic institutions as well as in civil and administrative services.

Placement Brochure, 2014-16 [ Download ]


School of Health Systems Studies

The School of Health System Study is a centre of educational excellence in fields of health, hospital, social epidemiology and health policy research and management. Its Masters programmes in Health Administration, Hospital Administration, Public Health Social Epidemiology & Public Health Policy, Economics & Finance prepare students for managerial roles in these areas. Its illustrious alumni today occupy a number of important positions in these fields both nationally and internationally. This year we are proud to present the batch of 2011-13 up for placements. With complete confidence that they will make a world of difference to the organizations they will join to together represent the epitome of success and achievement.

Placement Brochure, 2012-14 [Download]

Read more at:

Contact Details:


School of Rural Development (SRD) - Tuljapur Campus

Career Guidance and Placement Cell (CGPC) of School of Rural Development is an independent body of student representatives which is elected to facilitate placement process. The placement process is under the guidance of Faculty Convener Mr. Bipin Das. The Student Co-Coordinators of CGPC are Mr. Rav, Mr. Pravin , Mr. Manan , Ms. Navya , Mr. Santhosh , Mr. Nelson.

We take Pride in saying that our Alumni from Social Work in Rural Development program are placed in organizations such as Bihar Government (Jeevika Project), Azim Premji Foundation, GAIL, SRIJAN, SATHI, B-able, SUJAYA Foundation, Foundation for Ecological Security, ORLM (TRIPTI), SOS, Naandi Foundation and Maharashtra State Livelihood Mission (MSRLM) through the campus placement process. Students who were interested in research are pursuing their doctoral studies in institutions such as the London School of Economics, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Ambedkar University, etc.

To ensure that the best utilization is made of the potential of our students, we sincerely welcome all valued organizations in the field of development to give change a chance. Having a profound orientation in the arena of social work and rural development, a batch of aspiring students are willing to be placed in Government Organizations, CSRs, NGOs and Developmental agencies working on, Livelihood, Advocacy, Micro-finance, Issues of Women and Children, Rural health , disability , Dalit’s and Tribes, and other social issues.

The School of Rural Development (SRD), Students are furnished with skills and techniques of Development Organization and Management, Rural Development: Projects, Planning and Management, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Social Policy Analysis, Advance Social Work Skills and Tools for Rural Development, like Micro Planning and Advocacy, Entrepreneurship Development, Research Methodology.

Field Work is the USP of M.A. Social Work in Rural Development as it provides students ample opportunities to have vivid experience of rural India and have a glimpse of unseen facets of India through our extensive field work.

Important Documents:

  1. Placement Brochure, 2012 -14 [ Download ]
  2. Placement Guidelines for Recruiters [ Download ]
  3. Placement Form [ Download ]
  4. Post-Graduate Diploma in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH): Placement Brochure, 2014 -15 [ Download

  5. Post-Graduate Diploma in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH): Placement Brochure, 2013 -14 [ Download ]

  6. Placement Brochure, 2013 - 15 [ Download ]
  7. Placement Brochure, 2014 - 16 [ Download

Contact Details

Mr. Bipin Das
Faculty Convener
Land Line: 02471- 242061 Fax: 02471-242061

CGPC Contact : +91 9403719721

Student Team:
Ashish Sinha : +91 9422907854
Manish Aggarwal : +91 9403719721
Urvashi Swami : +91 9423547061