Tuljapur Off-Campus

Workshop on Gender and Sexuality

Past Event

Date and time: July 15, 2017 10:00AM - 4:30PM

Many things are happening around us. Some are pleasant and some are scary. We are seeing open dialogues around sexuality but are also witnessing increasing restrictions on our lives. Violence on women is on rise so are voices against it. Many are questioning the set patterns of being a man or a woman.

                                            Let’s talk about it

                               Let’s share our fears and our pleasures

                 Let’s understand more about us and those around us.

About the organizers:

Tathapi Trust has been working in `women and health' resource development since 2000. Since last three years the organisation has been involved in dialogue with youth on gender equality & values around sexuality using many platforms, such as, one to one dialogue, videos, website and social networking sites. Tathapi’s interactive online portal- letstalksexuality.com which was initiated as a part of this project has been receiving overwhelming response.