International Relations Office

Short-term Study in India Programmes (SIP)

The IRO facilitates Short-term Customized Study in India Programmes for students and faculty members of foreign universities in collaboration with faculty members located in different Schools/ Centre at the Institute. Usually a Customized SIP comprises of several lecture based, theme(s) based classroom/ teaching sessions, field visits, field placements etc. The programmes are often tailored to the requirement of the foreign universities/ participants. The following procedures are generally followed for conducting a SIP at TISS:

  • The duration of the programme is quite flexible and at present it ranges from 01 week to 04 weeks.
  • Upon receiving the request for SIP from foreign university, the TISS faculty members and staff get in touch with IRO regarding the programme as all international academic/ nonacademic programmes/ collaborations at TISS are required to be channelized through IRO.
  • IRO provides the needed assistance towards facilitating the travel of incoming students and faculty/ staff members for the programme by issuing invitation letters for VISA, arranging accommodation, on-campus arrangements and travel facilities etc.
  • The incoming students are required to visit TISS for the customized SIP on Students’ visa as mandated and required by the Government of India unless stated otherwise.
  • TISS has some on-campus accommodation for visiting faculty/ staff and students from foreign countries. However, these facilities remain in high demand and prior booking (2-3 months before the visit) is often needed to secure on-campus accommodation.
  • The on-campus meals are arranged in the guest-house dining hall/ common dining hall based on requirements and request from the incoming universities.
  • As mandated, all the budget regarding the international programmes at TISS is prepared by IRO. The Institutional charge on any such programmes is 25% over and above the total budget/ proposed expenses.
  • In the past 08 years, IRO has successfully/ regularly completed Customized Short-term Study in India Programmes for some of the following universities:
    • University of Chicago, USA
    • University of Southern California, USA
    • University of Leeds, UK
    • University of Vermont, USA
    • University of Kansas, USA
    • University of Minnesota, USA
    • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany
    • George Brown College, Canada
    • University of Kabul, Afghanistan
    • Keele University, UK
    • University of Bayreuth, Germany

For more details, interested partners can write to us at iso[at]tiss[dot]edu