International Relations Office

Support/ Facilities and Services

Administrative Support for Incoming Guests

  • Pre–Arrival Orientation
  • Providing Visa/ Invitation and Acceptance letters and also providing visa support by contacting Embassy and Ministry
  • Arranging On-campus Accommodation in IRO hostels/ IRO Flats and assistance with off- campus accommodation (For Full-time Students)
  • Organizing Airport transfers
  • Orientation Upon Arrival: providing Identity cards/ Email Id/ assistance for Sim Card/ Campus Map/ Map of Mumbai etc
  • Registration with the Police and FRRO
  • Welcome Lunch/ Get Together – for introduction
  • Campus Orientation;
  • Mumbai Sight Seeing;
  • Connecting students with respective Schools/ secretariats;
  • Registering students for Courses/ planning their academic programme/ visits/ sessions
  • Identifying Faculty mentor(s)/ supervisor(s)/ key faculty contact persons as per individual requirements
  • Facilitating Field Placement for International students through locating agencies/ connecting them with Fieldwork secretariat.
  • Identifying translators/ interpreters for international students
  • Encouraging participation in Cultural events & programmes,
  • Providing Guidance and Crisis Management
  • Regular Meetings with the International Students
  • Organizing Hindi Language classes
  • Providing them with Transcripts/ Certificate of Attendance (for Short-term Students)
  • Providing support for visa extension/ passport renewal etc
  • Coordinating with different on-campus departments and offices to address any problems/ resolve issues encountered by international students.

Support to Outgoing Students and Faculty

  • Advertisement of Student and Faculty Exchange Programmes – Across Campuses.
  • Conducting Double Layered Selection process for the selection of TISS students for Outgoing Exchange Programmes.
  • Pre - Departure Orientation.
  • Providing Visa/ Passport Support letters to outgoing students/ faculty/ staff.
  • Coordinating with international partners to arrange logistics and accommodation for outgoing Students/ Staff & Faculty Members.
  • Support with Ticket booking/ Visa application process.
  • Provide Financial Assistance/ Advance to enable them to complete the exchange programme.
  • Provide Partial Financial Support for certain Exchange Programmes that are not fully funded.
  • Connecting students with previous exchange students/ faculty and staff;
  • Regular Meetings with the Outgoing Students before departure
  • Coordination with respective schools and secretariats to facilitate semester exchange without affecting course requirements at TISS
  • Continuous contact and monitoring from IRO during exchange
  • Preparing Grade Conversion/ draft Transcripts for outgoing students

Over the years, IRO has been successfully managing these activities at the Institute, and has been actively sharing ongoing, planned and future activities with students and academic staff on regular basis. The institute has witnessed a tremendous growth in the incoming students and faculty members and we have been overwhelmed by this interest which shows that we can create a welcoming and integrating international environment.