Resource Cell for Juvenile Justice (RCJJ)


1. RCJJ's Annual reports


2. Ujwal (उज्वल मासीक)

  1. उज्वल मासीक (Ujwal)


3. Important formats  &

  1. Format for Police/ CWPO in pdf (Download)
  2. नमुना २ आणी ३, पोलीसांकरिता in pdf (Download)
  3. First production report before JJB by police  (Download)
  4. Information to Parents, PO by police (Download)
  5. Social background report (SBR) मराठी मध्ये (Download)

4. IEC material on JJ Act

  1. Poster related to bail procedure (Download)
  2. Procedure as per juvenile justice Act (Download)
  3. बाल न्याय अधिनियम २०१५ माहितीपत्र in pdf (Download)
  4. Poster for police station in pdf (Download) 

5. Important Act in pdf

  1. Juvenile Justice Act 2015 in english pdf (Download)
  2. Index of JJ Act 2015 (Download)
  3. Juvenile Justice Act 2015 in marathi pdf (Download)