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Dr Hemal Shroff

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Health and Social Sciences , School of Health Systems Studies, School of Research Methodology

M.A. (Mumbai),
M.A. (South Florida),
Ph.D. (South Florida)

Dr. Hemal Shroff received her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of South Florida, USA in 2004. Subsequently, she completed a post-doctoral fellowship in eating disorders at the University of North Carolin-Chapel Hill, USA. Prior to joining TISS, she worked with an NGO in Mumbai and gained experience in mental health and developmental issues of children and adolescents.

Research Areas:

Adolescent Health

Nutrition and Food Choices


Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Body Image and Eating Disorders

Cross-cultural Assessment

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Yamamiya, Y., Schaefer, L., Thompson, J. K., Shroff, H., Shimai, S. & Sharma, R. (2016). An examination of the psychometric properties of the SATAQ-4 with adolescent girls in Japan. Body Image, 19, 89-97.

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Foundation course - Quantitative Research Methods

Foundation course - Social Science Perspectives on Health

Social Epidemiology of Nutrition

Social and Behavioural Influences on Health

Theoretical Perspectives on Social Sciences in Health

Email: hshroff[at]tiss[dot]edu