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Dr Josephine Anthony

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus


M.A. in Social Work, M.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication, M.Phil. in Social Work, Ph.D. (IIT Madras)

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Child Development (Education, Nutrition and Health), Marginalised groups of children (children with special needs, SC/ST children, migrants, girl children, and adolescents), Researching with Children, Technology and Society (ICT4E, ICT4D), social work education

International publications

Josephine, Anthony and Sudarsan Padmanabhan, 2010, ‘Digital divide and equity in education: A Rawlsian analysis’ International Journal on Information Technology Case Application and Research (JITCAR), Vol. 12, Issue 4, IVY League Publications: GA, USA, December, 37-62. http://www.ivylp.com/catalog/item/6363239/8552942.htm

Thomas, Maya, Saswati Ghosh Belliappa and Josephine A., 2008. ‘Coping with tsunami: An exploratory study on persons with disability in three districts of Tamil Nadu’, UNTRS and The Office of the Commissioner for the Disabled, Government of Tamil Nadu.

National publication

Padmanabhan, Sudarsan, and Josephine A., 2010. ICT Enabled Education as a Right to Education: An Imperative, in Digital Learning, Vol.6, Iss.8, Noida, UP: Digital Learning, August, 33-36. http://issuu.com/dl_magazine/docs/dl_magazine_august_2010_issue

Chapters in Edited volumes

Anthony, Josephine, 2011, “Inclusion of Information and Communication Technology in Social Work Education, Training and Practice: Analysis Based on Actor-Network Theory.” In Facets for Quality Higher Education in India, eds. Mridula Sahay and R. K. Mishra, Macmillan India: New Delhi, 199-218.

Josephine A., 2011. “Addressing gender equality in basic education through ICTs – A case study of ‘Chennai Schools’ managed by the Corporation of Chennai, Tamil Nadu” in Millennium Development Goals: The Indian Journey. Eds. R.K. Mishra and Jayasree Raveendran, Allied Publishers: New Delhi,20-31.

Josephine, A and Sudarsan P., 2009. Rawlsian perspective on socio-political equity and its ramifications on Indian education. In Equity and education in India – Policy issues and challenges, ed. D. Parimala, New Delhi: Kanishka publishers, distributors, 205-222.

Research Reports

  1. Parasuraman, T. Rajaretnam and Josephine A. (2015), “Accessibility and Utilization of Education, Health and Nutrition Services by Tribal Women and Children in Udaipur Division of Rajasthan, TISS and Unicef, Jaipur.

Josephine A. (2015), “An Independent Evaluation of the Impact of the Project on ‘Parents’ Participation in Children’s Education”, Door Step School, Pune.

Analysis of Criminal, Financial and other details of Candidates & MLAs from Tamil Nadu: Based on 2011 Assembly Elections, Tamil Nadu Election Watch, Association for Democratic Reforms, 2011 (coordinated research and report preparation).

Poverty Suffering – Injustice in Resource Rich World: Rights & Responsibility based Tsunami Response Program in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, The Oxfam, 2007 (part of the research team).

  • SARASWATI: Supporting Consolidation, Replication and Up-scaling of Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Technologies for India. It is a collaborative project of the EU (FP7) and DST, Government of India. The Indian partners include IIT Roorkie, IIT Madras, IIT-Kharagpur and NITIE, Mumbai and MSE, Chennai. The EU partners are BOKU, Austria, BRGM, France, CENTA, Spain, UNEXE, UK and CEMDS, Austria. TISS focuses on the Social Evaluation of the Project for India. Lead the project with Prof. Surinder Jaswal. (March 2014 - ). http://www.project-saraswati.net/


  • UNICEF-TAD Government of Rajasthan: TISS in partnership with UNICEF, and Tribal Authority of Development, Government of Rajasthan has conducted a need assessment field survey to initiate programme for tribal development. Work with Prof S. Parasuraman, Prof T. Rajaretnam and Dr Balamurugan Guru (September 2014- December 2015, completion of first phase. The second phase of the project is initiated).


  • An Impact study of Parents’ Participation in Children’s Education: A research study has been conducted to evaluate the impact of an educational project of a NGO for migrant children in Pune. PI of the project. (March 2015 – June 2015).

Social Group Work, Research Methods - Quantitative Research, Issues and Concerns of Children and Families in Rural India, Child and Childhood in India: Theories and Perspectives(Co-teaching), Child Rights Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation and Research for Practitioners

Email: josephine[at]tiss[dot]edu


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