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Ms Maggie Paul

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Social and Organisational Leadership , School of Management and Labour Studies

M.Phil. Development Studies

Maggie Paul completed her MPhil in Development Studies from TISS, Mumbai.

Her dissertation is titled “Political Subjectivity, Slums and Urbanization in Mumbai: A Problematization of Methodological Assumptions”. 

Her research interests include migration and migrant citizenship practices; religion and political subjectivities in the urban context; gender and livelihoods; social theory; methodological aspects in social sciences; educational philosophy and pedagogical innovations.


Paper Presentations

  • Mobile-Learning for Skill Building in the context of India: Concept, Possibilities and Challenges January 2013: International Conference on Technology, Innovation and Social Change at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

  • Impact of globalization on women's work in India: An analysis of National Skill Development Corporation December, 2013: International Conference on Globalization, Governance and Sustainable Development at Indian International Centre, Delhi

  • Insurgent Citizenship? Analysis of the Citizen's Campaign for a Participatory Development Plan Process February, 2014: International Conference on Humane Habitats at Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai

  • The Role of Urban Municipal Bodies in Facilitating Participatory Planning in Social Housing – A Comparison of Case Studies across India May, 2015: International Conference on Local Governments and Rights-Based Development at Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), Thrissur, Kerala 

International conferences 

  • Selected for participation at Summer School “Beyond the City Limits: Rethinking New Religiosities in Asia” (Göttingen University, Germany, July 18-22, 2016)

  • Paper selected for presentation at the 5th International Crossroads Asia Conference: Area Studies’ Futures titled “Contingent Methodologies’ and Marginalized Migrant Populations in Bainganwadi, Mumbai” (Center for Development Research – ZEF, Bonn, Germany, September 22-23, 2016)

  • Paper selected for presentation at the 17th NAERUS Conference 2016: Governing, Planning and Managing the City in an Uncertain World; Comparative Perspectives on Everyday Practices titled “Our City, Our Development, Our Plan Campaign, Mumbai: Citizen’s Campaign for a Participatory Development Plan” (University of Gothernburg and Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy, Sweden, November 17-19, 2016)

  • Paper selected for presentation at 9th annual international Asian Dynamics Initiative  conference titled "Deleuzian Reading of Dr B R Ambedkar: The politics of ‘becoming minor’" (University of Copenhagen, June 26-28,  2017) 

  • Paper selected for presentation (forthcoming) at the International Conference on Right to the City in the South, Everyday Urban Experience and Rationalities of Government titled “Jed-o-Jehad of everyday: The De-Facto Right to the City Claim of Migrant Muslim Women in Bainganwadi, Mumbai” ( University Paris Diderot, France, November 15-17, 2017)




▪ Women and Work: A review of the National Skill Development Corporation in the wake of Globalization, Journal of Politics & Governance, Volume 3, Issue ¾, Pages: 52-61: http://jpg.net.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/JPG-Vol.-2-No.-3-4-December-2013.pdf


▪ The Wretched of the Mumbai Local Trains, Himal Southasian Magazine, http://himalmag.com/the-wretched-of-the-local-trains/

▪ The Perils of being Unlawfully Unwedded Kindle Magazine, http://kindlemag.in/perils-unlawfully-unwedded/

▪ Will the Indian media rethink its 'carnival of death' approach anytime soon?, The Alternative (Online Magazine), http://www.thealternative.in/society/will-the-indian-media-rethink-its-carnival-of-death-approach-anytime-soon/

The Sabha (A people’s newsletter), http://www.thesabha.org/community_newspaper/mumbai/media-carnival-of-death/


▪ Me, an outpouring (Based on true story about sex workers in the underbelly of Mumbai),Not Like Most Young Girls, Mumbai: JAICO Publishing House

▪ [Film Review] Why Ram Leela is an insult to the audience, The Alternative (Online Magazine), http://thealternative.in/arts-culture/why-ram-leela-is-an-insult-to-the-audience/




She is a Dalai Lama Fellow (2015-16 cohort).

Profile of her slum-based project in Mumbai could be visited here:http://www.dalailamafellows.org/dalai-lama-fellows/

Some details of her self-conceived project can be found at: http://abdrishya.org

1. Qualitative Research: Methods, Approaches and Analysis 

2. Introduction to Sociology

(for Executive PG Diploma on Organisation Development and Change batches in Mumbai, Banagalore, Delhi)

Email: maggie.paul[at]tiss[dot]edu

Email id: maggie.paul@tiss.edu

Phone: 022-25525833