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Dr Melody Kshetrimayum

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Research and Development

M.A. in Social Work (CSRD, ISWR)
M.Phil. (TISS, Mumbai)
Ph.D. (TISS, Mumbai)

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Social work education, social work research, women, qualitative research methods, informal credit institutions.

1. Melody Kshetrimayum. 2017. Politics of Dominance in Meitei Society, Economic and Political Weekly, 53 (4): 26-28.

2. Melody Kshetrimayum. 2017. Tracing the Evolution of Marup in Manipur Valley, Sociological Bulletin, 66 (3): 1-14.

3. Melody Kshetrimayum. 2016. Rotating Savings and Credit Associations: An Important Space for Social Work Practice, The Indian Journal of Social Work, 77 (3): 311-322.

4. Melody Kshetrimayum. 2016. Microfinance for Poverty Alleviation: Analysis of clients’ perspectives and changes in theirlives in the state of Manipur, India, In Jayadev M. and Diatha Krishna Sundar (eds): Changing Contours of Microfinance inIndia. Oxon: Routledge. 

5. Melody Kshetrimayum. 2013. Marup (Meitei Rotating Credit Institution): A Livelihood Strategy of Meitei Women, The Indian Journal of Social Work. 74 (3/4): 433-441.

1. Doctoral Works in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai: A Contextual Analysis of Social Work Theses from 1967 to 2014.

2. Death and Bereavement Practices: A Study of Death Rituals in India.

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Email: melody.kshetrimayum[at]tiss[dot]edu

melody.kshetrimayum@tiss.edu, melody.ksh2001@gmail.com