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Dr Nilanjana Ray

Assistant Professor , Hyderabad campus

Chairperson - School of Gender Studies

B.Sc. (Calcutta University),
M.A. (University of Allahabad),
Ph.D. in Modern History (University of Allahabad),
Ph.D. in Social Work (Washington University in St. Louis, USA)

Nilanjana Ray has an interdisciplinary background in History and Social Work. Her PhD in History was on Child Labour in India. In the Social Work Programme, the topic of her dissertation was Vulnerability to Human Trafficking. Prior to joining TISS, Nilanjana worked for five years in UNICEF India Country Office in the Child Protection Unit. She brings the combined strength of her field experience and research training in both India and United States to class.

Human Trafficking

Women and Migration



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  1. "Marriage or Trafficking? The Phenomenon of Sheikh Marriages in Hyderabad" [Sponsored by London School of Economics] - Completed 
  2. “Exploring the anti -trafficking movement in India: A movement against gender based violence”.  
  3. "Women Who Traffic Women into Sexual Slavery: What do we know about them?" 

  4. "Does Domestic violence make women more vulnerable to sex trafficking?" 

  5. "Speaking of the Unspeakable: The Debate on Sex Trafficking in Colonial India."

  6.  "Exploring the lived experience of daily-commuting women construction workers: Vulnerabilities and resilience"

  1. Migration, Labour and Economy (M.A. Women's Studies)
  2. State, Women's Rights and Legal Advocacy (M.A. Women's Studies)
  3. Philosophy and Methods of Social Research Paper 1 (M.A. Women's Studies)
  4. Philosophy and Methods of Social Research Paper 2 (M.A. Women's Studies)
  5. Project Management and Impact Evaluation (M.A. Women's Studies)

Email: nilanjana.ray[at]tiss[dot]edu

Block II A, Apt #203

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Hyderabad 500084


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