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Mr Parthasarathi Mondal

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Social Theory, School of Development Studies

MSW (Agra), M.Phil. (JNU)

Areas of Interest

Selfhood, Pathology and Well-being; Health, Livelihoods and Environment; Liberalism, Justice and Freedom; Imperialism and Socialist Economics; Indian Heterodox Traditions

Selfhood, Pathology and Well-being; Health, Livelihoods and Environment; Liberalism, Justice and Freedom; Imperialism and Socialist Economics; Indian Heterodox Traditions

Selected Publications

  • ‘Psychiatry and the Ruling Class’, Seminar, April 1995

  • ‘Hegemony and the National Mental Health Programme: A Conceptual Preface’, Social Scientist, 23 (6-9), 1995

  • ‘Understanding Mental Distress: Contributions of Frankfurt School’, Radical Journal of Health, 1(2), 1995

  • ‘Beyond Orthodoxy: The Contributions of Gramscian Thought’, The Indian Journal of Social Science, 9(2), 1995

  • ‘Psychiatry in Ancient India: Towards an Alternative Standpoint’, NIMHANS Journal, 14(3), 1996

  • ‘The Subject in the ‘Last’ Foucault: Prolegomenon to a Reconsideration of Mental Distress and Well Being’, Indian Philosophical Quarterly, 23(3&4), 1996

  • ‘The Mental Hospital and Colonialism’, Indian Journal of Social Work, 57(4), 1996

  • ‘Body-Subjectivity in Psychiatry: The Initial Argument’, Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, 13(3), 1996

  • ‘Psychiatric Research in a Multiethnic Society – Some Methodological and Conceptual Issues’, IASSI Quarterly, 15(3), 1997

  • ‘Mental Distress and Social Ecology: The Post-Structuralist Stand Point’. In Y.K. Pachauri (Ed.) Social Panorama, Agra: Y.K. Publishers, 1998

  • ‘Marxist Approaches to Western Psychiatry: A Preliminary Examination’, Indian Journal of Social Work, 60(3), 1999

  • ‘Krishnachandra Bhattacharyya’s Theory of Knowledge’. In A. Mishra (Ed.) Spirituality, Science and Technology, New Delhi: Indian Philosophical Congress, 2002

  • ‘Household Expenditure on Tribal Health’, Jharkhand Journal of Development and Management Studies, 3(1), 2005 (with B. K. Jojo)

  • ‘Justice as Fairness: A Quietist Reading of Rawls’, Politikon, 35(1), 2008

    'Development, Quietism and the Social Practices of Freedom', Indian Philosophical Quarterly, 35(1-4), 2008

  • ‘Politics and Mental Health Scenario in Agrarian Bengal: An Overview’. In J. George et al (Eds.) Rethinking Radicalism in Indian Society: Bhagat Singh and Beyond, Jaipur: Rawat, 2009

  • ‘Freedom in the Imperial Imagination: Mental Asylums, Ideology, and Political Economy in Colonial India’, Sociological Bulletin, 58(2), 2009

  • ‘Development as Freedom and Justice: An Essay on Sen and Rawls’. In C. Sengupta and S. Corbridge (Eds.) Democracy, Development and Decentralisation in India: Continuing Debates, New Delhi: Routledge, 2010

  • ‘Markets, Justice and Ecology’, Journal of Social Work & Social Development, 01(01), 2010

    ‘Development, Dalits and Rawls: Rudimentary Considerations’. In M.H. Makwana and R. Pais (Eds.) Backward Classes and Social Justice, Jaipur: Rawat, 2011

  • 'Social Control and the Social Sector: Mental Health Legislations in Colonial India'.  In R. Pais (Ed.) Perspectives on Social Development, Jaipur: Rawat, 2012
  • 'Philosophy and Nationalism in India: A Preliminary Essay',  Journal of Social Work & Social Development, 03 (01&02), 2012
  • 'Livelihoods and Development: Socioeconomic Exclusion in Mumbai's Hinterland'.  In T. Bunnell et al (Eds.) Cleavage, Connection and Conflict in Rural, Urban and Contemporary Asia, Dordrecht: Springer, 2013 (with S. Louw)
  • 'Tracing Indian Philosophy and its Contributions'.  In S. Singh (Ed.) Social Work and Social Development: Perspectives from India and the United States, Chicago: Lyceum, 2013
  • ‘Liberalism, Development and Gender’,  Working Paper, Department of Political Science, University of Calcutta, Calcutta, 2015 
  • 'Progress, Development and Practical Erasure'.  In A. K. Giri (Ed.)  New Horizons of Human Development, New Delhi: Studera, 2015

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MA: Philosophical Foundations to Development Research; Political Economy of Space, Development and Uneven Development; Political Theory for Critical Social Work; Mental Health Theory for Disaster Management

MPhil: Critical Issues in Philosophy of Social Science Research; Development Discourses and Practices; Methodological Issues in Development Research; Changing Geopolitics in the Contemporary World Order; Social Theory and Research; Paradigms of Social Exclusion; Contemporary Social Science Discourses and the Feminist Engagement

Email: pmondal[at]tiss[dot]edu


Email: pmondal@tiss.edu

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Cell: + 91 9869426997

Telephone: +91 22 2552 5325

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