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Dr Shaileshkumar Sahebrao Darokar

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies,

M.A. (TISS), M.Phil. (JNU), Ph.D. (JNU)


Areas of Academic Interest:

Social stratification in Urban and Rural Settings,

Poverty and social inequality with special reference to Dalits and Marginalized sections in Indian context

Urban Sanitation, Solid Waste Management with special reference to Manual Scavengers and Rag-pickers,

Social Exclusion: dignity and livelihood issues of Dalits and NTDNTs.

1. Shaileshkumar Darokar “Social Justice and Social Development of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes in    Maharashtra”, Indian Journal of Dalit and Tribal Studies and Action, IJDTSA Vol.2, Issue 1, No. 1, pp 1-23, June, 2014.

2. Shaileshkumar Darokar “Internalising and Deepening 'Dhammakranti' Towards realising Ambedkar's Emancipatory Vision”,Indian Journal of Dalit and Tribal Studies and Action, IJDTSA Vol.1, Special Issue: Voices and Silences, No.2 pp.8 to 18, 2013-2014

3. Sujit Nikalje and Shaileshkumar Darokar “Appraising Buddha Viharas from a Historical Perspective”, Indian Journal of Dalit and Tribal Studies and Action, IJDTSA Vol.1, Issue 1 No.1 pp.1 to 11, June 2013

4. Darokar Shaileshkumar (2010) – Understanding Social Exclusion in India: Ambedkarian Perspective, Journal of Inter-disciplinary Policy Research and Action, 14 (1), 31-53,

5. Darokar Shaileshkumar (2009) – Post-Ambedkarite RPI Politics in Maharashtra: A Political Trajectory of Compromise, Compulsion, and Co-option, the Journal of Interdisciplinary Policy Research and Action, Vol.3, Issue 3-4, June-December

6. Darokar Shaileshkumar (2009) – Social Exclusion, Ghettoisation and Identity, Critical Enquiry, Marati-English bi-lingual Quarterly Research Journal for Inter-disciplinary studies in Humanities and Social sciences, Volume 1, Issue 1, January – March

7. Darokar Shaileshkumar (2008) – Nagarikaranacha Imala, Jati Vyavsthecha Paya: Adhunik Shahratil “Vitalnare” Vyavyasay Va Safai Kamgar, Samaj Prabodhan Patrika, March- April (Marathi)

8. Darokar Shaileshkumar (2005) – Socio-Economic Status of Scavengers Engaged in Practice of Manual Scavenging in Maharashtra, Indian Journal of Social Work, 66 (2), April

Research projects undertaken: (independent/jointly)

1.“Socio-Anthropological Study of Dhangar Community of Maharashtra”, commissioned by Tribal Development Department, Govt. of Maharashtra. (On-going)

2.“Baseline Survey of Conservancy Workers of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai”, under the collaborative Mission Garima of MCGM and Tata Trusts, Mumbai. (Project Director) (Completed, December 2015)

3.“Educational Status of Scheduled Castes in Maharashtra State”, initiated and sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), MHRD, New Delhi with Prof. G. G. Wankhede (Completed, 2015).

4.Enhancement of Human Development Parameters Among Project Affected Persons: An Impact Assessment Study in New Gautum Nagar, Govandi, Mumbai, sponsored by ACJP, an NGO based in Mumbai, (completed and submitted report March 2012)

5.“Socio-Economic, Educational and Cultural Development of Matang Samaj in Maharashtra”, (study sponsored by government of Maharashtra and completed in February 2008). (Project Director Prof. A. Ramaiah )

6.Study on “Livelihoods, Employment & Sustainable Development: An Initiative Towards Improving Skills and Employability”. Sponsored by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Feb. 2006, (Project Director Prof. R. C. Datta)

7.“Study of Practice of Manual Scavenging in the State of Gujarat”, for Gujarat Safai Kamdar Vikas Nigam, Government of Gujarat, August, 2006 (jointly with Dr. H. Beck)

8.“Study of Practice of Manual Scavenging and socio-economic profile of Manual Scavengers in Maharashtra”, for Mahatma Phule Backward Class Development Corporation, (Government of Maharashtra), January 2005 (jointly with Dr. H. Beck)

9.“Impact Assessment of Initial Phase of MMRDA Resettlement Implementations”, sponsored by MMRDA and World Bank, 2003 (Project Director- Prof. R. N. Sharma)

Caste Movements Theory and Practice (for M.Phil in Inclusive Development & Social Justice, in 2nd Semester)

Social Exclusion and Social Justice (MA Development Studies, 4th Semester)

Email: shaileshsd[at]tiss[dot]edu

E-mail: shailtiss@gmail.com

Tel (O) : 022-25525355