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Dr Soumitra Ghosh

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Health, Policy, Planning and Management , School of Health Systems Studies, School of Research Methodology

Erasmus Mundus Postdoctoral Fellow (Department of Economics, Aarhus University, Denmark), PhD (IIPS, Mumbai), M.A. in Economics (University of North Bengal, WB), B.A. [Economics(H), Statistics, Mathematics] (Siliguri College)

His research is mainly within the fields of applied health economics and population health, covering topics such as inequality in health and health care, burden of out-of-pocket payments for health care, impact evaluation of health insurance programmes, measuring progress of universal health coverage, social exclusion and new health financing arrangements, measuring health status, access to medicine and cost-effectiveness analysis in health care.

His research has been published in leading national and international journals such as Economic and Political Weekly, PLoS Medicine, Global Public Health: an International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice, Margin-the Journal of Applied Economic Research, SAGE Open and International Journal of Health Policy and Management.

He also served as the article editor for SAGE Open, reviewer for World Development, Pakistan Development ReviewPLOS ONE, BMC Health Services Research, BMC International Health and Human Rights and Indian Journal of Medical Research.


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Broad areas:

  1. Health care financing including evaluation of health insurance schemes

  2. Health sector reforms
  3. Universal health coverage

  4. Economic evaluation in health care

  5. Assessment of economic costs of non-communicable diseases

  6. Equity in access to health Care

  7. Population health (Patterns of morbidity, measurement of health status-anthropometric measures)



Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Targeting and effects of India’s RSBY on access to care and financial protection" Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 52, Issue No.4, 2017 Read..

Understanding the “cash-less” nature of Government sponsored health insurance schemes: evidence from Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Aarogya Yojana in Mumbai, Sage OpenRead...

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'Children as Agents of Change: A Study on School Sanitation and Hygiene Education in Gaya District', UNICEF, November 2006. Read...

Chapters in Books

Social Health Protection in LMIC: Maharashtra Case Study Summary, Towards equitable coverage and more inclusive social protection in health. Studies in Health Services Organisation and Policy (SHSOP), 32. ITG Press, Antwerp, Belgium. ISBN 9789076070438, 2014. Read...

 Social exclusion and its effect on enrolment in Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana in Maharashtra, India with P Maldovsky, Towards equitable coverage and more inclusive social protection in health. Studies in Health Services Organisation and Policy (SHSOP), 32. ITG Press, Antwerp, Belgium. ISBN 9789076070438, Oct 2014. Read...

Working Papers

Catastrophic Payments and Impoverishment Due to Out‐of‐Pocket Health Spending: The Effects of Recent Health Sector Reforms in India', Asia Health Policy Program Working Paper No. 15., (July 01, 2010), Stanford University, Read...


“Not a prescription for the poor”, The Hindu, February 17, 2018 read..

"Indicators that matter-on the quality of public healthcare", The Hindu, September 9, 2017 Read...

"National Health Policy must not push privatisation of healthcare in India", Hindustan Times, September 14, 2017 read..

Research in Media

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya Yojana: Even as state brings national health insurance scheme, it needs to tackle issues in MPJAY (Indian Express. March 7, 2018)

Government’s health insurance scheme is a complete failure, finds study (Hindustan Times, June 2017)

Government to come up with a universal health insurance soon (moneycontrol.com, September 2017)

Why the Indian patient is caught between a devil and deep sea? (livemint.com, September 2017)

Number of hospitalisations rises by 175 times in 8 years: CM Yogi Adityanath (Times of India, Nov 2017)

Is health insurance another “jumla”? (Frontline, April 2016

Despite state-run mediclaim, 60% forced to pay cash (Business Standard, November 2015)

Health scheme beneficiaries pay from own pockets (Indian Express, November, 2015)

The growing burden of healthcare costs (livemint.com, August 2015)

The economic case of universal healthcare (livemint.com, Jan 2015)

Universal healthcare: How Narendra-Modi can score a big win over UPA (firstpost, 2014)

Inside the AIIMS ecosystem (livemint, 2015)

Current research project:

Principal Investigator for the WHO sponsored project titled "Assessment of Economic Costs of Diet related NCDs" from Feb 2017 onwards

Completed research projects:

Co-Principal Investigator for the USAID funded project titled "Strengthening Eco-systems for Sustainable and Inclusive Health Financing", 2015-2017

Co-Principal Investigator for the European Commission funded FP7 project titled 'Socially Inclusive Health Care Financing in West Africa and India', 2011-2014 (for details, see http://www.healthinc.eu/)

Co-Principal Investigator for the institute funded project titled “User-fee in health sector in Maharashtra” from 2009-11.

Summer Intern for the UNICEF Global Summer Internship Program 2005. Worked in a team comprising of students from India, USA and Japan for two and half months, doing impact assessment for UNICEF SSHE project in Bihar. Published a Case Study for UNICEF 'Knowledge Community on Children in India' Initiative.



  • Health Economics
  • Health Financing
  • Health Insurance
  • Applied Health Economics and Financing
  • Economic Evaluation in Health Care

Email: soumitra[at]tiss[dot]edu