Tata Institute of Social Sciences
A Deemed to be University and Grant-in Aid Institute under Ministry of Education,GoI
Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Committee
  1. (Vice Chancellor) - Chairperson
  2. Pro Vice Chancellor - Coordinator, IQAC
  3. Campus Director, Hyderabad off-Campus
  4. Campus Director, Guwahati off-Campus
  5. Campus Director/ Dean, Tuljapur off-Campus
  6. Dean, School of Social Work
  7. Dean, School of Management and Labour Studies
  8. Dean, School of Development Studies
  9. Dean, School of Habitat Studies
  10. Dean, Academic Affairs
  11. Dean, Office of Students’ Affairs
  12. Dean, Alumni Affairs
  13. Liaison Officer, SC-ST Cell
  14. Chairperson, Office of International Affairs
  15. Prof. Manish Jha, School of Social Work
  16. Prof. Sivakami Muthusamy, School of Health Systems Studies
  17. Prof. Abdul Shaban, School of Development Studies
  18. Prof. Disha Nawani, School of Education
  19. Prof. Padma Sarangapani, Chairperson Center for Excellence in Teacher Education
  20. Dr. Faiz Ullah, School of Media and Cultural Studies
  21. Dr. Chetna Duggal, School of Human Ecology
  22. Dr. Rekha Pappu, Hyderabad Campus
  23. Dr. Sampat Kale, Tuljapur campus
  24. Dr. Jagannath Ambagudia, Guwahati Campus
  25. Librarian, Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Library
  26. Mr. Yogi Sriram, External Member (Corporate Member & Alumni)
  27. Dr. Neerja Matoo, Welingkar Institute of Management, External member (Educator)
  28. Dr. K. Chudasama, Registrar, MS University, Baroda, External member (Educator)
  29. Dr. Nayreen Daruwalla, SNEHA, Mumbai, External member (Civil Society rep)
  30. Prof. Nagarjuna G, Retired Professor, HBCSE, TIFR (CDOE - expert online education)
  31. Prof. Kannan Moudgalya (Professor, IITB) (CDOE - expert online education)
  32. President, Students Union
  33. Vice President, Students Union
  34. Deputy Registrar, Finance and Accounts
  35. Deputy Registrar, Personnel and Administration
  36. Deputy Registrar, Academic Affairs
  37. Registrar (Member Secretary)
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