Resource Centres

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Computer Centre

The computer center performs a wide range of functions like Network Management, Server Management, Software development, Technical support/ Training to staff, faculty and students, System Maintenance. The Institute has an inhouse data center which hosts all it's servers. All critical software applications are developed, hosted and maintained inhouse. The computer centre extensively promotes the use of free and open source softwares.


Print & E-Journals


Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Library

The Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Library (SDTML) continues to be proactive in supporting new academic developments at the institute. Its resources and services are aimed at providing the highest level of research and teaching support to all the programmes of the Institute. The s collection is reviewed every year in order for it to be relevant to the emerging and developing areas of research. It holds about 1,20,000 volumes, and subscribes to over 8,500 print and e-journals.

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Publications Unit

The Publications Unit was established with the aim of knowledge development and dissemination in the field of social work and social development. It has published over a 100 books and monographs. The Publications Unit has been publishing The Indian Journal of Social Work (IJSW) uninterruptedly since 1940. The IJSW, a quarterly, focuses on multi-disciplinary knowledge development relevant to the changing perspective of the social work profession, with special reference to issues of the marginalised groups and interventions for them.

Office for International Affairs

The Office for International Affairs (OIA) was established in the year 2006 as International Students' Office (ISO) to facilitate mutually beneficial international academic exchange and collaboration between TISS and foreign Universities /Institutions. TISS has signed MoUs with some of the best institutions around the world and established linkages with Universities and Institutions in Asia, Europe and North America.

IRO plays an important role in liaising with various internal departments to facilitate the exchange of students/ faculty/ staff members between TISS and outside Universities, or students/ individuals/ researchers seeking admission/ affiliation at the Institute.

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