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IT Service Management Center


The IT Service Management Center (ITSMC) is an internal management center that handles the IT needs of the Institute. It is responsible for the development, management, and maintenance of various softwares and applications, including TISS ERP, Student Management System (SMS), Learning Management System(TISSOL), recruitment portals, Admission Management applications, Faculty Appraisal and Annual report portal, and many others. ITSMC oversees the Data Centres and Network Operation Centre (NOC) to ensure data and server security. It utilizes tools and technologies to monitor the performance of the IT infrastructure, address issues, and provide troubleshooting support.

Service request management is another important function of ITSMC. The team handles various service requests from faculty, staff, and students, such as creating new accounts, making changes to application modules, and providing technical support. They strive to process these requests efficiently and effectively.

The ITSMC is staffed with skilled IT professionals dedicated to monitoring the Institute’s IT infrastructure, resolving incidents, and meeting the institution's IT service requirements. ITSMC’s goal is to maintain the stability of the technology infrastructure, support employees in their work, and contribute to the overall goals of the organization.


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