Tata Institute of Social Sciences
A Deemed to be University and Grant-in Aid Institute under Ministry of Education,GoI
Executive Council
Chairperson of the Executive Council
Prof Manoj Kumar Tiwari
Vice Chancellor
Members of the Executive Council
Prof Shankar Das
Pro-Vice Chancellor
Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary of MoE : Member Looking after the affairs of the Deemed to be University or his/her representative
Four Nominee of Chairman of Society
Two members from amongst the Deans of Schools
Prof Arvind Tiwari
Dean, School of Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance
Prof Madhushree Sekher
Dean, School of Skill Education
One Professor who is not a Dean, One Associate Professor and One Assistant Professo
Prof Gordhan Saini
School of Management and Labour Studies
Dr Vaishali Kolhe
Associate Professor
School of Social Work
Dr Madhurima Shukla
Assistant Professor
School of Health System Studies
Prof Assem Prakash
Hyderabad Campus
Prof Ramesh Jare
Tuljapur Campus
Prof Jagannath Ambagudia
Guwahati Campus
Ex-Officio Secretary
Mr Narendra Mishra
Officiating Registrar
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