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Facilities at TISS

Medical Services

There are two health centres, one in the main campus near hostel no. two and the other one in new campus ground floor hostel no. five.

At present there are three doctors, their names and timings are:

Name of Doctor Campus Timings
Dr Sharmishtha S Mujumdar Main Campus Monday to Saturday: 10am - 1pm   &   2pm - 5.45pm
Dr. S.Majumdar Main Campus Monday to Friday: 6pm - 8pm
Dr. Umesh Shenoy New Campus Monday to Friday: 11pm - 1.30pm
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 3.30pm - 6.30pm

In case of any illness, students are expected to report to any one of the health centre. We have all emergency medicines and injections, though students are expected to buy the full course of medicines from outside. Dressing for minor injuries are also done.

In case a student require a specialist reference, they are guided accordingly.

There is a recovery room in the main campus health centre where students with communicable diseases like chicken pox, who require isolation can stay till they are under treatment. Students recovering from any surgery are also kept in the recovery till they are fit to shift to their hostel room.

In case of any emergency any time doctors are available on phone. During night hours if a student require hospitalization vehicle is made available.

In case of emergency the near by hospitals students can visit are:

Zen hospital
Near Jain mandir
Phone: 022 25260066, 022 25260077
Joy hospital
Sandu garden
Phone: 022 25223939
Kolekar hospital
Ambedkar Garden
Phone: 022 25201157, 022 25201180
Shatabdi hospital
Near Amar cinema

Counselling Centre

The Counselling services at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, began in mid-90's and are a part of Student Support Services. The Counselling Centre has been providing services like individual counselling and developmental group activities for TISS students and staff. It is open six days a week and its hours are adapted to students needs. The Counsellors help the students in their day-to-day concerns and also enhance their overall functioning. Workshops on topics relevant to increasing the capacities of the students are regularly conducted by the Counsellors.


The Counselling Centre services are available from 11.30 am to 8.00 pm from Monday to Saturday, at the Mumbai Campus.

They can be contacted on Ext: 5612/5914 or on e-mail: counsellors[at]tiss[dot]edu for appointments.


Main Campus: The Counselling Centre, Health Centre, Ground Floor, Main Campus, TISS
25525000, Extn: 5612

Naoroji Campus: Hostel No.5, Naoroji Campus, TISS
Contact: 25525000, Extn.: 5914

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Dining Hall

The Dining Hall (DH) serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. It is managed by the Institute ona no profit no loss basis. The DH Committee, which comprises students representatives, looks after the DH matters under the Chairpersonship of a faculty member. Packed Lunch is available on Field Work Days for students on request. Section Officer: Ms. Nirmala Momin Extension Number : 5215


TISS campus hosts Six hostels, four on the Main campus and two in Malti and Jal A.D. Naoroji Campus Annexe. The hostels can accommodate approximately 500 students. Students of full time Master MPhil and PhD degree programmes can avail of the hostel facility. But regrettably due to limited capacity, hostel admission is dependent on the availability of seats. The hostel fees are paid at the time of the admission to the Central Bank of India, Deonar Branch, which is situated right next to the TISS main campus. Students are usually not allowed to stay in the campus during vacation, but in certain circumstances with prior permission they are allowed to do so.


The Gymkahana of TISS, located in the main campus, is a two storey building and has space for a well equipped Gymnasium and space for Yoga. There is a full fledged indoor badminton court, two very popular table tennis boards and other indoor games like carrom. Mr. Abhijit Tandel, the Gym Instructor is with TISS from July 2008. The Gym is equipped with three electronic and one manual treadmill, two cycles, dumbbells and plates, Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine, Latt Pull Down Machine, Low Pulley & High Rows Pulley, Chest Press Machine and Pack Deck. It is open from Monday to Saturday and the Instructor is available from 6.00 to 9.00 in the morning and 5.00 to 8.00 in the evening.