Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies

Projects & Initiatives

AAPTI Bivandi Chapter

Inclusive Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction Programme in Bhiwandi Social inclusion in disaster response remains the guiding principle of TISS interventions. The inclusive disaster preparedness and risk reduction programme focusing specifically on people with disabilities (PWD), is the first of its kind, mainstreaming pre-disaster vulnerability reduction programme. The project targeted PWD spread across Biwandi, including the inaccessible locales, and aspired for convergence and integration of disability related services. And AAPTI approach was adopted. TISS partnered with Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation (BNCMC) and Government of Maharashtra (GoM), with funding support from UNDP in 2012. The project focus was: To mainstream ...

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AAPTI: An Avenue for psychosocial and Therapeutic Interventions

An absence of support beyond emergency health care and one time ex-gratia, in the context of mass emergency events, led to this field action project. The project emerged from the TISS - TPSWT response to 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack 2008 and later extended to centrifugal disasters such as 13/7 Mumbai Triple Bomb Blast, 2011 and 9/12 Kolkata AMRI Hospital Fire, 2011 with the following objectives: Understand and document the unique needs and concerns of the survivors. Understand recovery trajectories in the Indian context Develop and test indigenous theoretical models of response and advocate for appropriate policy change The key features ...

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Multi Stake Holder Partnership/ Inter Agency Group for Disaster Management in Maharashtra

Objectives: To create a forum of voluntary organisations, academicians, media and government for effective DRR in the state Programmes: meetings and consultations

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Food Security

Objectives: To update policy level information on food security schemes through regular interaction with the state executive machinery. To do research on implementation of food security schemes. To keep in contact with civil society groups involved in advocacy at the National, State and District levels and other stakeholders like NGOs, people's movements, media, academicians, etc towards ensuring food security of the vulnerable groups. To monitor and support the fellows of the Advisor's Office To engage with government officials at the state and district levels in Maharashtra to encourage better implementation of food security schemes of the GoI and the Maharashtra ...

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Nepal Earthquake Recovery Support Programme (NERSP 2015 - 17)

Nepal Earthquake Recovery Support Programme (NERSP 2015 – 17) was initiated in response to the April 2015 Earthquake. The key guiding principles are: Support Community Based Approaches to Recovery Strengthen Capacities of Nepali Institutions Support and work in partnership with the national and the inter agency cluster system Integrated Social Inclusion in Recovery to address the vulnerabilities of the most marginalized. The key projects under NERSP are: Phase I - Initial Reaching out (April to June 2015) - Look, Listen and Link Phase II - Early Recovery Support (June to December 2015) – Home of Hope, Integrated Social Inclusion and ...

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AAPTI - Mumbai Chapter

Terror attacks and bomb blasts have increased over the last few decades. Mumbai has been wounded, scared and singed frequently since the 1990s. Coordinated support services beyond emergency care is absent. And for those affected, the incident is just a beginning of arduous uncertainties to follow……….. AAPTI supports survivors of 26/11 since 2008 through a range of services Facilitating recovery and building resilience: Payment of Monthly Sustenance, Financial Support for Continued Health Care, Educational Support, Skill Training, Job Placement, Support for Micro Enterprise, Pensions, Interface with Govt. and NGOs to facilitate access to relief and support services, Integrated Psychosocial Support ...

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