Haunted by Their Persecuted Pasts: The Stateless Rohingyas and the Challenges of Relocation in Urban India

Sponsor: Save the Children (SC BR)

The research project led by Amit Upadhyay seeks to reduce the vulnerability of Rohingya refugees/asylum seekers especially women, children and youth to protection risks by enabling them to meet their basic needs. There are around 6155 Rohingya refugees/asylum seekers in Jammu and 1717 in Hyderabad. The majority live in slum like, insanitary conditions without adequate shelter, water, sanitation/toilets, food, access to health/education, leading to frequent outbreaks of diseases - TB, malaria and water borne diseases are common. Faculty and students from the MA in School of Public Policy and Governance, from the Social Conflict and Public Policy area concentration is researching on the status of Rohingyas so as to suggest intervention strategies on critical areas such as gender based sexual violence, education, child protection, health and nutrition and livelihood.

Status: Completed