Locations: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Sponsor: University Grants Commission (UGC)

The Incubation Centre at the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at TISS is the first of its kind in India in an academic institution, to support social entrepreneurship where the students, immediately after graduation, get guidance, mentoring, physical space and network for funding and value based collaboration.

Established in 2012 with the support from the University Grants Commission (UGC), the Incubation Centre promotes social start-ups by guiding them right from the stage when social problems are articulated and the possible solutions are proposed, to ensure that these ventures create impactful and sustainable solutions at appropriate scale. The process also provides opportunities for experimentation and exploration of newer solutions and methods.

The objectives of the Incubation Centre are

  1. creation of an ecosystem for social start-ups,
  2. larger social impact, and
  3. knowledge creation.

The major activities undertaken by the Incubation Centre are selection of ventures, mentoring, seed funding, infrastructure support, review of ventures, resource network development. Spread across the country, the ventures remain under active incubation support for three years. They are encouraged and supported to become independent and self-supporting.

In this way within this period, the ventures establish the efficient venture model and gradually become competent and eligible for formal funding support from donors, philanthropists and impact investors. They also find network partners and the team members, to support growth in terms of impact and scale.

Till date the Incubation Centre has incubated more than 35 social ventures. While there have been few drop outs during past 3 years, currently we have 23 active ventures that are getting incubated by the Incubation Centre and are spread across 10 states in the country. These are a good mix of For Profit, Not for Profit as well as Non Profit organisations.creation of an ecosystem for social start-ups,
larger social impact, and
knowledge creation.

Many of our ventures like Sampurn (e)arth and Bharat Calling have been covered by the national media and have been awarded and recognised nationally as well as internationally. While “Sampurn (e)arth” has won the prestigious GSVC (Global Social Venture Challenge) in 2014, another venture named “Uncancer India” was a runner up in an international venture Challenge by Livstrong foundation called Big C competition.