GYURJA'S TISS-LAHDC Development Support Programme

Locations: Ladakh

Sponsor: IDBI Bank

‘Gyurja II’ in consultation with LAHDC, Leh has adopted Taru village in facilitating a process of developing and pursuing with the village community and other relevant stakeholders (sectoral agencies in particular) a roadmap to help it emerge as a ‘Model Village’ by 2020. This initiative is a part of the ongoing partnership between TISS and LAHDC Leh with support of IDBI Bank, and is planned for implementation for a period of 3 years between 2013 and 2016.

Taru was one of the villages severely hit by the flash flood of August 2010. It caused extensive damage to infrastructure which is crucial to economic welfare, and had severe social impact on almost all the household in the community. Damaged to the environment was significant too. Losses in terms of agricultural land, standing crops, tree plantation, irrigation facilities and village infrastructures were substantial. Out of the total 70 houses, 34 houses were damaged fully or partially. Environment sustained unprecedented damage causing soil erosion and collapse of wall along the river bank. About 50 kanals agricultural lands were washed away and 400 kanals were covered in thick debris. Infrastructure sustained extensive damage; 3 reservoir tanks were buried under the debris, 29 irrigation canals were destroyed, 7 footbridges and 2 motorable bridges were washed away by the flood, and other essential services like telephone and electric line, water tap suffered substantial damages.

The project will assist Taru to recover socially and economically from the 2010 flash flood. The project aims at reconstructing public infrastructure in Taru Village and in coping with the consequences of the disaster. The project physical output include reconstruction or repair of

  1. Water Reservoir,
  2. Drinking water storage tank
  3. Headwork
  4. Irrigation canal,
  5. Bridges
  6. Link Road,
  7. Common facility Centre for women
  8. Disaster Risk Management Plan
  9. Other social services such as promotion of livelihood/handicraft and social development and care of the most vulnerable groups.

The Gram Sabha of Taru Village with support from TISS ‘Gyurja’ has a responsibility for implementation, oversight and management of the project.