Nepal Earthquake Recovery Support Programme (NERSP 2015 - 17)

Locations: Nepal

Sponsor: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Nepal Earthquake Recovery Support Programme (NERSP 2015 – 17) was initiated in response to the April 2015 Earthquake.

The key guiding principles are: Support Community Based Approaches to Recovery Strengthen Capacities of Nepali Institutions Support and work in partnership with the national and the inter agency cluster system Integrated Social Inclusion in Recovery to address the vulnerabilities of the most marginalized.

The key projects under NERSP are:

Phase I - Initial Reaching out (April to June 2015) - Look, Listen and Link

Phase II - Early Recovery Support (June to December 2015) – Home of Hope, Integrated Social Inclusion and Recovery – A Targeting Methodology, Community Based Psychosocial Support, Social Mobilization for Community Based Housing Recovery...

Phase III - Long Term Recovery Interventions (January 2016 to April 2017) – Diploma and Fellowship in Disaster and Livelihood Recovery …