Integrated approach to Technology in Education (ITE)

Locations: Maharashtra, Gujarat, UP, West Bengal, South Odisha, Jharkhand, Assam & Uttarakhand

Sponsor: Tata Trusts & Rukmani Gopalan Gitanjali Krishnan Trust

The Integrated approach to Technology in Education (ITE) is an initiative of the Tata Trusts in eighteen mostly rural locations in Eastern and Northern India that had reached over 17,000 underserved children by 2015 and continues to grow. Initiated in 2012, the central concept of ITE is to integrate digital technologies into the curriculum and instructional plans of teachers in government schools and other learning centres participating in the initiative. Adopting a largely constructivist pedagogical framework, the initiative seeks to improve teaching and learning processes and foster authentic and project based learning for the older children and adolescents in some of the most underprivileged geographies in India. The students, mostly first time computer users, create learning artifacts such as weather charts, jute production in India, or population density in different cities to deepen their learning of content in the school syllabus. In this way, technology is embedded within the design and pedagogy of the teacher's lesson plan and curriculum.

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Rukmani Gopalan Gitanjali Krishnan Trust is supporting in Teacher Professional Development through Digital Badge and conducting WebQuests for students across Assam, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.