Locations: M-Power Centre, Govandi East, Mumbai

Sponsor: CEIAR, TISS

Mpower centre at Govandi (W), M ward, is provided with fifteen laptops and a server connected over LAN to run CLIx learning lab with an objective to offer modern day digital skills as a life skills enabler to lead a life at par with other citizens. As a matter of ensuring that this objective is achieved, an annual report including lab-equipments, resources, curriculum usage evaluation is presented to the donor agency. CLIx, after a consultation with Transforming M-Ward’ project team, created this course.

Elearning for Community Technology ( ELeCT) modules offered at the Mpower CLIx learning lab through i2c are age, gender, culture and school-class agnostic. Duration and training modalities designed to be open, blended and flexible to fits into the life routines of Mward people. CLIx brochure is also shared for more details with regards to work done so far at National level through four state governments.