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‘Reimagining Interconnections’

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CSR is a rapidly growing area of activity and research. In 2019, TISS instituted the Centre for Excellence in CSR (CECSR), merging the erstwhile National CSR Hub, as the hub to coordinate and promote TISS’s engagement with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The TISS AESDII (expands as Assessment and Empanelment Standards for Development Institutions in India), a strategic CSR initiative of TISS, was integrated into the CECSR. The TISS AESDII services related to Strategic CSR Programming, Training and Knowledge Dissemination continue to be offered by the Learning, Training, Development (LTD) Practice vertical at the Centre.

Given the newness of the CSR field, the CECSR  highlights methodological and normative gaps and designs solutions issues using scientific data. The Centre prioritizes multi-disciplinarity in carrying out diverse sets of activities across India, in collaboration with all CSR stakeholders and covering all thematic areas covered by the Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2014. As part of its mandate, CECSR provides policy inputs, development of frameworks and guidelines, undertakes research studies and strategy development through its two verticals: Research & Development  and  Learning Training Development (LTD) Practice. 

Inspired by the TISS vision to reform and transform the development sector, the TISS LTD Practice aims to build social sector infrastructure and a cadre of development professionals in India. In alignment with SDG 17 and advocates inter-disciplinarity, collabo- ration, convergence, evidence and results-based programming and organisational learning. It attempts to move beyond a narrow discussion on mere social responsibility of corporations, through facilitation of multi stakeholder conversations, with a focus on ‘Partnerships in Action.’ Working with a variety of stakeholders, including UN agencies, Public Sector Undertakings, Private Sector, Government Departments, Academic Institutions and Civil Society Organisations, at a Pan India level, the TISS LTD Practice believes in systems thinking as the key to strategic development practice. The TISS LTD Practice aims to build perspectives and skills of development stakeholders through creation of knowledge and partnership networks, tools and templates on alter- native ways of thinking, learning and doing social welfare. 

TISS LTD Practice Verticals

Learning: Organizational Learning, Interconnectedness

Training: Learning Communities of Human Development Professionals

Development Practice: SMART Programming (Least, Lost, Last)


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