Unpacking the Covid 19 Effect: Longitudinal Study on Peritraumatic Stress and Adaptation to Covid 19 in Mumbai

Sponsor: TISS Research Council

COVID-19 may be termed as a public health emergency resulting into an unforeseen crisis and collective trauma around the world. A series of protective measures such as lockdowns, social distancing, quarantine etc. had to be adopted to counter the unprecedented impact of the pandemic. Some novel challenges such as social isolation, work from home, online education, difficulty procuring daily resources, economic uncertainties owing to job losses and salary cuts, adjustments to new roles and shifts in work life balance were amongst the few brought about by the pandemic. A need for detailed research into the mental health impact had been realized. In the second wave of the pandemic, there has been immense loss of lives, livelihood and the feeling of safety. This is a palpable existential angst now, which is likely to leave a traumatic imprint on our collective narratives.

The current research project ‘Unpacking the Covid-19 Effect’ was initiated by the School of Human Ecology in May 2020 as a longitudinal 2 years research project in order to carry out a needs assessment amongst the different sectors of society.

Past research shows that typically epidemics and pandemics leave behind a mental health impact that could last for years. Hence, this project has been designed to assess and track the psychological impact in terms of peritraumatic distress and adaptation to COVID-19 in Mumbai and its suburbs. Your participation in the study will aid in holistic understanding of the psychological impact and help future projects to be designed to address the psychological needs of the community.