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The School of Social Work promotes education in social work that is democratic, emancipatory, and egalitarian and one that develops a critical perspective in students. It offers dynamic and relevant programmes at the Doctoral, Master’s and Certificate levels. It also identifies new areas for social work practice and evolves innovative strategies through practice-based research and field action projects. Other thrust ...


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Research, Projects and Initiatives

The School of Social Work at TISS recognises the strong linkage between Understanding and Action. Our research approach is people-centred, interdisciplinary, evidence-based and adheres to methodological rigour, which enables the School to co-create knowledge in the ...

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Centre for Community Organisation and Development Practice

The Centre began as the Department of Rural Welfare and Urban Community Organisation and Development ...

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Centre for Criminology and Justice

Set up in 1954, the then erstwhile Department of Criminology and Correctional Administration (CCA) was ...

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Centre for Disability Studies and Action

The Centre for Disability Studies and Action, established within the School of Social Work, in ...

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Centre for Equity and Justice for Children and Families

Social Work with Children and Families as a field has grown considerably in terms of ...

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Centre for Health and Mental Health

Introduction, brief history and thrust areas

The Department of Medical and Psychiatric Social Work was ...

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Centre for Lifelong Learning

The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) was established on February 15, 2006, with the objective ...

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Centre for Livelihoods and Social Innovation

The Centre for Livelihoods and Social Innovation (CLSI) was established with the purpose of strengthening ...

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Centre for Social Justice and Governance

This centre stands for socially empowering academic anchoring an MA Programme on 'Dalit and Tribal ...

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Women Centred Social Work

Introduction :

The Center for Women Centered Social Work emerged out an evolutionary process in 2015 ...

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