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Labour Market Research Facility (LMRF)

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The Labour Market Research Facility (LMRF) is a think tank that specialises in macro and micro labour market, household sample surveys, working and living condition surveys and macro labour market analysis. The think tank has won some of the prestigious global research grants, and has created exemplary capabilities in extraction and analysis of large sample databases such as National Sample Survey and Annual Survey of Industry.

The LMRF is actively engaged in policy advocacy in areas such as formal and informal work, skill development, technology and labour, internal and external labour market, and livelihoods. The LMRF’s research is globally acclaimed and since its inception, it has generated research papers on diverse themes on labour market, including labour market flexibility, employability, labour laws, vocational training, public work, informal work, industrial relations, personnel economics, and wages.

The Labour Market Research Facility is fast emerging as one of the top think tanks in household survey, large sample survey, working and living conditions surveys, urban planning, skill development, and labour market research. As the ecology of research, the LMRF continues to support M.Phil. and Ph.D. scholars who pursue research in labour-related themes.

LMRF has brought out many publications, and its flagship publication, the India Labour Market Report receiving encouraging response from academia, civil society and industry alike.

Other activities of the LMRF include projects which lay focus on disability and the labour market, and also advocacy efforts for social security of domestic workers.


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