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Connected Learning Initiative 2.0 (CLIx 2.0)

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Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Telangana

The Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx), is a collaborative project working to strengthen the ecosystem for quality in education in India. CLIx is a multi-state, multi-partner initiative seeded by the Tata Trusts, and led in phase 1(2015-2020) by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, INDIA (TISS) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA (MIT). CLIx is now in phase 2 of its journey and the Tata Trusts continue to be our anchor partner in this new phase. CLIx aims to improve teaching, teacher professional development and student learning through the use of ICT-enabled Open Education Resources (OER), and thoughtful use of interactive technologies. Driven by the Tata Trusts’ commitment to serving disadvantaged communities in India, CLIx draws on MIT’s leadership in platform-based, blended-learning and interactive technologies in education, and TISS’ experience of impactful field action programs for underserved and marginalized communities in school and teacher education to ensure equitable access to educational technology and opportunities to improve learning outcomes. CLIx won the prestigious 2017 UNESCO-King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Education for its outstanding contribution to the theme “Use of ICT to Increase Access to Quality Education’’. In 2019, CLIx was awarded the Open Education Consortium’s OER Collaboration Award for Excellence.


The CLIx phase 2 or CLIx 2.0 aims to scale quality teaching-learning using ICT with teacher professional development, curricular integration and enhance the quality of STEM, digital literacy and Communicative English. The second phase builds on the ground prepared in the phase 1, with respect to states’ readiness and acceptance for educational technology, the readiness of school computer labs, preparation of teachers and states’ interest and willingness to integrate technology at a large scale.

- Phase 2 supports state governments to take CLIx and Open Educational Resources integrated curriculum to more students and integrate technology meaningfully into professional development for teachers.

- It supports the development of educational technology expert groups through design labs and professional development courses to support states in the curation of OERs and in-service teacher professional development in technology-enabled learning.

- It converges with state and national initiatives, activities and develops scale models.

This phase promises opportunities to make more meaningful and original contributions to addressing the pressing problem of access to quality education for all.



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