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Study on the Effectiveness of Child Sponsorship in the Lives of Sponsored Children

Sponser: World Vision and CESS


The study followed a mixed method approach, involving both qualitative and quantitative data. The modes of data collection were Household Survey for the quantitative data and Key Informant Interviews with Teachers, Anganwadi workers, members of Community Based Organizations and ADP staff. FGDs were held with the sample of sponsored children and their parents. The Findings were – (a) Inclusion of communities and direct benefits to RC; (b) Perception about Sponsorship; (c) Awareness of criteria for inclusion; (d) Inclusion of the most vulnerable; Benefits to community from ADP; (e) Reasons for leaving sponsorship; (f) Expanding the inclusive nature of WVI activities; (g) Access to Education; (h) Securing Good Health and Nutrition; (i) Sustainable Livelihoods for the Families; (j) Building Confidence and Hope; (k) Awareness and Behavioral Change Among Children; (l) Awareness and Behavioral Change Among Parents; (m) Awareness and Behavioral Change Among Community Members; (n) Forms of Communication; (o) Who writes; (p) Reaction of the Children; (q) Relationship with the Sponsor; (r)Challenges of Sponsorship Communication; (s) Challenges of implementation of sponsorship programme




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