Guwahati Off-Campus

Public Lecture On National Policy Initiatives for Health and Its Implications for Child Deaths


Date and time: Oct. 9, 2017 3:00PM - 4:00PM

Centre for Public Health & Unit for Research and Development Invite you for a Public Lecture On 'National Policy Initiatives for Health and Its Implications for Child Deaths'

Speaker: Prof. Ritu Priya Mehrotra

Date: 9th October 2017
Time: 3.00- 4.00PM

Venue: Class Room No. 6, TISS-Guwahati off-Campus

About the Speaker

Ritu Priya Mehrotra, a medical graduate with a doctorate in Community Health, is currently Professor at the Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health. Her work links epidemiology, popular culture, political economy and health systems analysis for developing an understanding of ‘health culture’ and health systems development policy. Her work focuses on the politics of knowledge between healing systems and between experts and laypeople; health perceptions of dalits and other marginalised groups; urban health; nutrition and communicable diseases. She has been Advisor (for Public Health Planning) with the National Health Systems Resource Centre under the National Rural Health Mission, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and also been actively involved with the people’s health movement in the country for over three decades.

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