Clarification regarding withholding the result


Date: May 26, 2020 - June 10, 2020

                                                                                        26th  May 2020



Recent news items in a few leading dailies in Mumbai, regarding withholding of the results of a few graduating students of TISS, have done grave disservice to the Institute by presenting  only the version of some of the students despite getting the full picture from TISS officials. We would like to clarify the issues as below;


  1. Despite the lockdown, the Institute has completed all academic requirements and procedures and declared the results (except for Guwahati campus) on 19th May 2020 as per the revised academic calendar dated 17 March 2020. This was made possible by staff from academic section working hard and remotely and was done to ensure minimal disturbance to the career of graduating students.
  2.  The "No Dues" process was made online for the first time  and had some technological challenges in implementation of the same due to the lock down and the officials responsible for clearance not available in the campus. Despite this, clearances are being done remotely after following due processes.
  3. The "No Dues" process is routine administrative clearance required for all students before leaving the institute and declaration of results and award of degree. This has been a standard procedure for several years at TISS and is also routine at most universities for graduating students.
  4. It is a normal practice everywhere to withhold results of students, who fail to clear their  dues or do not submit migration certificate etc. TISS is not the only institute to follow such rules.
  5. The graduating students who had dues of several semesters to clear, were completely aware that they were  allowed to write their exams ONLY on the condition that their results will be declared subject to clearance of dues. This was even indicated to them while declaration of the results in the previous semester. The concession of appearing for the examination irrespective of the dues was given on the request of the Students Union 2019-20 (SU). By projecting the Institute negatively in the media on this issue, the SU has regretfully failed to respect the agreement reached with the administration on this matter.
  6. With regard to GOI PMS students, all efforts are being made to release the results in spite of any dues pending against Hostel and Dining Hall Charges. The students eligible for GOI PMS are already given concession in tuition and other programme fees. They are expected to apply for GOI PMS in their respective state portals and deposit the first year scholarship received from the state govt to the institute.
  7. Results of students under GOI PMS who have completed these processes, including those who have not cleared their Hostel and Dining Hall Charges, are being released upon verification. This does not apply to students who have not made any application for scholarship during their study period. 

In times of lockdown if the verification process is taking time it is highly irresponsible for some students and faculty to pressurise authorities to disregard procedures and rules.


The Institute  rejects the misleading reports in the media about withholding the results of students eligible for GOI PMS due to non-payment of fees. Like all universities Institute has the right to follow its rules that are transparent and known to all students and faculty through students’ handbooks and other rule books.


Faculty and students are requested to verify facts with appropriate authorities within the Institute before approaching media to air their grievances.


Acting  Registrar