Disaster Awareness Week: NOSTOS, Roundtable


Date: April 1, 2016 - April 5, 2016

Clothes Donation Drive, Flea market, Poster Exhibition, And much more!


1st April,2016
(No fools day!!)
11 am NDRF Exhibition (tbc)
Fire Mock Drill (tbc)
Tryst with Survival Skills
Will you survive the next disaster ? : Hazard Games

4 pm onwards Movie screening (Room D1, Naoroji Campus )
2nd April,2016 11 am Rendezvous: Meet old friends, foes and faculty!

2 pm Inauguration of Alumini Meet (Old conference)
Welcome address: Dean and Student representative
Presentation by CARITAS, India

3.30 to 5.30 pm Preparing for the day after : Portraiture
by Malini Shankar (Old conference Hall)

Tea Break: For you from Student’s Union
Sale of T-Shirts

7 to 8 pm Share Your Talent: JTSDS students and alumni

8 pm Show your moves (Amphitheater with DJ)
3rd April,2016 11 am onwards Movie screening (Room D1, Nairoji Campus )

1 to 2 pm Alumni lunch
hosted by
CARITAS, India (Convention Centre)

2:30 to 4:30 pm Fun and Games- share your pranks as a Tissian (Green room)

Tea Break
5 to 6:30 pm: Alumni speak:
Walk down the Memory Lane: Travails and Joys ( Green room)

7 to 9 pm Performance by Loknaad group
4th and 5th April,2016 Roundtable Conference
Interrogating the idea of disaster: Beyond the event [ View Details ]


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