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Doing TCI... Making a Well-Running Team: Theme Centered Interaction (TCI) Workshop for Professional and Personal Development


Sept. 4, 2017 9:30AM - Sept. 8, 2017 5:30PM

Venue: Green Room, New Campus, Tata Institute of Social Sciences,Deonar, Mumbai - 88

Working, living and feeling good in a group, leading and guiding it successfully is neither a secret nor a miracle. Working with clients or customers, teams and groups has its own laws and dynamics.

On the basis of humanistic psychology, Theme Centered Interactions help us analyse how and why professional relationships fail or succeed. And it suggests ways in which we can organize the processes of communication and interactions between us, so that every member of a team is involved into the working of the process to reach personal and common targets.

In our workshop you will get to know the different tools of TCI - how to organize, plan and undertake work in teams and we will link it to our daily reality and concrete group situations: We will get a chance to address the following questions:

  • What does the model of the 4 factors of I - WE - IT - GLOBE mean and how can I use it for my own working with different groups?
  • Which phases of group development do I have to consider as a group leader and which requirements of the members of the group have to be fulfilled to become a well running team?
  • How does the formulation of themes for working units, projects and events influence the working process?
  • How can I plan working structures, that make a trustful process possible?

We will look at various elements, which make a good group. Our own workshop group will be the

microcosm for our experiences in our everyday reality. At the end of the workshop there will be a reflection on the personal and common working process making for new awareness.

This workshop is part of an ongoing certificate batch with 16 confirmed participants. It is also available to 5 more participants from outside the batch on first come first serve basis.

Facilitator: Daniel A. Boksa, Master of Theology - Master in Pedagogy and Education - Councellor and Coach (DGSv)Instructor for TCI (RCI international) - NLP-Master-Practitioner (EINLP)

Co Leading: Ms Shashi Mudgal, TCI (International Certificate) Master in Psychology, Literature, Advanced Centre For womens Studies, TISS.

Number of participants:5 (Open Positions)

Type of Workshop: Professional and Personal Development workshop

Venue: Green Room, New Campus, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar, Mumbai - 88

Duration: 5 days

Dates: September 4 - 8 , 2017

Working hours: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm

Workshop Fees: Rs. 11,000/-

Contact: Shashi Mudgal, Laxmi Banjan

Eligibilty: Adults (above 18yrs) Functional knowledge of English

Phone: - 022 25525065, - 022 2552 5286, - 9769285145

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