Is India Becoming a Majoritarian Democracy? - By Prof. Suhas Palshikar: A lecture in Prof. Rajni Kothari Memorial lecture Series


Date: Feb. 8, 2017

Venue: Bhabha Hall, Naoroji Campus, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

The M.S. Gore Policy Research Group, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, is pleased to invite you to a guest lecture by Prof. Suhas Palshikar on ‘Is India Becoming a Majoritarian Democracy?’ as part of the Prof. Rajni Kothari Memorial Lecture Series.

The M.S. Gore Policy Research Group is a student forum for policy-related research and advocacy at the Centre for Public Policy, Habitat & Human Development, School of Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

This session is a part of the lecture series dedicated to the legendary Prof. Rajni Kothari, whose intellectual prowess and unwavering activism gave the country lasting institutions and ideals which have inspired countless generations of students and academicians.

Director of Lokniti, the Programme for Comparative Democracy, Prof. Suhas Palshikar was Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the Savitribai Phule Pune University for over two decades. He is also the Chief Editor of the journal Studies in Indian Politics, an international peer reviewed journal published by Sage. Along with editing several books on Indian politics, Prof. Palshikar has authored numerous books in English and Marathi, such as State of Democracy in South Asia, with Yogendra Yadav, Peter de Souza, et al; Jamatwad, Dharmanirapekshata ani Lokshahi, and Samakaleen Bharatiya Rajkaran. Prof. Palshikar has been associated with the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies since 1995. Apart from other important positions that he has held throughout his academic career, Prof. Palshikar has been a visiting professor at the Brown India Initiative hosted by Brown University, Providence, USA.

We welcome you all!

Prof. Ashwani Kumar, PRG Mentor & Dr. Sandhya Iyer, PRG Coordinator     
M.S. Gore Policy Research Group