Management Development Programme on Workplace Counselling


Date: Aug. 3, 2017 - Aug. 5, 2017

Venue: TISS Mumbai

A special programme on how to counsel, coach and develop team members - brought to you by the Centre for Social & Organisational Leadership, C SOL.

Who should attend:

This programme is for experienced Managers who currently lead teams of at least three direct-reportees.

Why this programme is important:

Human beings have immense potential, but the results we achieve can be limited by our attitudes & behaviours. In other words, as we transform our beliefs & behaviours we can achieve those results that might earlier have seemed impossible.

Counselling is a process that helps people understand their intra-psychic processes and transform their behaviours. Counselling is immensely joyful & powerful when it is based on a deep understanding of human psychology. In an organisational context, Managers can use counselling frameworks to help team members overcome limitations and achieve unprecedented results.


  1. Build trust so individuals are open and comfortable in the counselling process.
  2. Models & techniques for therapeutic communication: neuro-linguistic methods, Carkhuff model, rational emotive therapy, behaviour therapy.
  3. Develop and sustain 'new' and desirable behaviours.

About 50 per cent of our Workplace Counselling programme involves practice - so as to ensure that learning actually takes place and that skills are transferred to participants.


Rs. 35,000/- inclusive of taxes, per participant (non-residential).

Outstation participants are welcome to stay in the TISS guesthouse (subject to availability) at additional fees


Prof. K. Ravindran has been teaching at TISS for more than 30 years. His interests and expertise include psychoanalysis, research methodology, philosophy and spirituality. Prof. Ravindran is much loved for the passion with which he teaches and the compassion with which he relates. In general, students have considered Prof. Ravindran's courses as transformational experiences in their lives.