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Notes From The Field: Conversations On Action Research, Climate Change, And Adaptive Innovation


Jan. 23, 2023

Venue: Old Conference Hall



The Centre for Livelihoods & Social Innovation (CLSI), School of Social Work is organising the First CLSI Annual Actual Research Conference on 23rd January 2023 at the Old Conference Hall, TISS. This year, the conference will focus on the theme, 'Notes from the Field: Climate Change, Action Research, and Adaptive Innovation'. CLSI in partnership with Climate-U: Transforming Universities for a Changing Climate Network is organising this one-day event. This conference is an emergent outcome of action research processes initiated by our Faculty, Students, and Alumni in different parts of the country. Guided by the perspectives of Adaptive Innovation, Commodity Frontiers, Intersectionality, and Posthumanism, papers based on one's fieldwork and reflective practice will be presented during the conference. Prof. Tristan McCowan, Institute of Education, University College London will deliver the keynote address on the topic 'What role do universities play in the climate crisis?'.