Orientation Programme on Migration


Date: Feb. 20, 2017 - Feb. 26, 2017

Venue: Patna Centre, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Patna - 801 502

The Patna Centre of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) announces a 7-day orientation programme in ‘Migration’. The programme will be offered from the premises of the TISS Centre at Patna.

We live in the ‘Age of Migration’. Though migration is an old phenomenon, actively promoted by the Colonial State, it was after the advent of liberalisation and integration of markets that migration has accelerated and diversified exponentially. It involves various factors – the state, government, local actors, political economy of new forms of production and labour processes, land question, urbanisation, climate change, displacement, violence, citizenship, welfare, gender, identities and processes of formation of subjectivity, rights and entitlements, and so on. Thus, migration has to be understood as a complex and multi-dimensional phenomenon, which requires nuanced understanding of various methods that can be applied in studying it. In this backdrop, the week-long orientation course on migration is being organised with the following objectives:

  1. To present an overview of various facets of contemporary migration.
  2. To facilitate a multi-disciplinary and integrated understanding of labour migration.
  3. To analyze the influence of law and policies of the State on migration patterns.
  4. To introduce students to theories and empirical research methods in migration studies.


Overall there will be eight modules which are as follows:

  1. Main Concepts and Theories in Migration Studies
  2. Migration in Modern History
  3. Forms of Migration and Conditions of Labour
  4. Issues of Rights, Welfare and Justice in Migration
  5. Gender, Vulnerabilities and Migration
  6. Environment, Climate Change and Migration
  7. Facets of Internal Displacement
  8. Research Methods in Migration Studies

Besides, two eminent scholars will be invited to deliver inaugural and valedictory lectures.

No. of Participants: The maximum number of participants will be 25.

  1. Course Fee
    The course fee is Rs. 2500/- for the entire duration of the course. This includes the cost of board and lodging and course material. Selected candidates will be intimated about the mode of payment of fee. There is freeship available for a maximum of five candidates.
  2. Essential qualification of the candidates
    The candidates should have a master’s degree in any discipline of social sciences and humanities. In case of a practitioner on migrants’ rights essential qualification can be relaxed but they must have at least three years of work experience.
  3. Medium of instruction: The medium of instruction will primarily be English.
  4. Criteria for selection
    The participants will be selected through a screening process of the applications based on the background, interest and statement of purpose of the candidates. Those willing to apply should download the application form, duly fill it and send by mail (scanned copy) or post. The application MUST be accompanied by a statement of purpose (SOP) in approximately 500 words.
  5. Announcement of selected candidates
    The selection of candidates will be announced on 10th of January 2017 on the website of the TISS and subsequently intimation of selection will be sent by e-mail. Selected candidates can deposit the course fee in TISS account by cheque deposit, electronic transfer or by sending a crossed cheque to the TISS address given above.
  6. Commencement of the Course
    The course will commence on 20th February 2017. This will be a residential course. The candidates will have to reach the venue in the evening of 19th February. However, exemption may be given to a few local candidates in case of a valid reason. The participants may leave in the evening of 26th February.
  7. Course Material
    Selected candidates will receive course material by mail for prior reading. Details of other preparations prior to joining the course, including a review paper to be written by the participants, will be intimated to the selected candidates in due course of time.
  8. Faculty: The faculty will be drawn from various campuses of the TISS and from other institutions located in different parts of the country.
  9. Last date of receiving application: The last date of receiving application by mail or post is 30th December 2016.

The application form should be sent by mail to: patnacentre@tiss.edu and by post to: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Delhi Public School (Junior wing) Campus, Priyadarshi Nagar, West Bailey Road, Patna – 801 503 (Bihar) INDIA.

For any queries, candidates may write to patnacentre@tiss.edu or call Mr. Rahul Jambhulkar, Research Officer, on his cell number +91 731 9670 777.