SIMHA: School Initiative for Mental Health Advocacy


Date: April 10, 2017 - April 22, 2017

Venue: TISS Mumbai campus

An Initiative by the TISS - UNFPA Centre of Excellence on Adolescents and Youth (CoEAY)

About the TISS - UNFPA CoEAY

The CoEAY is a platform which brings together various sectors, government, academia, researchers,civil society, corporates, and  young people to strengthen understanding of, effective advocacy for and action on issues related to adolescents and youth. The CoEAY is currently working across four verticals related to adolescent and youth wellbeing: Sexual and Reproductive Health, Nutrition, Livelihoods and Mental Health. The CoEAY consists of a Research and Development Centre and a Youth Portal called hosted by TISS.


The TISS - UNFPA CoEAY has East launched a school-based mental West health initiative to address the North mental health needs of adolescents through advocacy, capacity-building and outreach with various stakeholders within the school. This will be launched to mark the WHO World Health Day on April 07 th 2017, the theme for which is ‘Depression: Let’s Talk’.


  • The program is free of cost and there are no associated registration charges.
  • Program is open for schools across Mumbai and Thane districts.
  • Venue for all trainings: TISS Mumbai campus


  1. Mental Health Advocacy
    To advocate for adolescent wellbeing with school leadership, teachers, students, parents and government representatives by increasing mental health awareness and integrating mental health promotion, prevention and intervention in schools.
  2. Capacity building
    To train and empower school leaders, teachers and counsellors to create safe and emotionally healthy school climate, promote adolescent wellbeing and identify, support and refer adolescents at risk for or experiencing mental health concerns.
  3. Mental Health awareness and promotion
    To create awareness in schools through knowledge dissemination in the student and parent community and addressing socio-cultural stigma and discrimination.


School Leaders’ Summit - To advocate with school leaders for promotion of adolescent mental health and develop a plan for a safe
and healthy school climate.

Teacher training - To understand adolescent mental health and build skills to respond to student concerns and initiate classroom interventions

Counsellor training - To strategize and plan mental health promotion activities with various stakeholders within the school

School based activities - Activities like movie screenings, displaying information education material, student knowledge-enhancement
session or parent education sessions.

Pre-and post - intervention Survey - To assess knowledge and skills related to adolescent mental health among high school students
and teachers.

Higher-level Advocacy Forum - for school representatives, mental health professionals and government representatives to discuss impact of the program and future prospects for school mental health


Step 1: Register for the program, Open till third week of April, 2017

Step 2: Pre-intervention Survey April 2017

Step 3: School Leaders’Summit April 24 th 2017 (Monday)

Step 4: Teacher Training April 25 th 2017 (Tuesday)

Step 5: Counsellor Training April 26 th 2017 (Wednesday)

Step 6: School-based activities June-July 2017

Step 7: Post-intervention Survey

Step 8: Higher-level Advocacy Forum

To Register: Please send an email to Dr. Chetna

Contact Details

Dr. Chetna Dugga::

Ms. Lamia Bagasrawala:

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