Workshop for Doctoral Scholars on Valuating Institutions: A Strategy to Advance Citizen Access to Rights and Services


Date: July 14, 2017

Venue: Library Conference Hall, Main Campus, Mumbai

Workshop hosted by Office of Deputy Director (Research)

Faciliator: Dr Rainuka Dagar, Director Gender Studies, Institute for Development and Communication, Chandigarh

The workshop will focus on the connections between social theory and practical innovation in the intersections of human rights, public services and governance. Drawing on a strategy advancing people centred reform in state institutions of service delivery (like police stations and government schools), it deliberates on approach, methods and techniques that can capture individual needs for safety, security and recognition as well as broader social issues of justice, inequalities and rights.

About the facilitator: Dr Rainuka Dagar

Rainuka Dagar is Director (Research), Gender Studies Unit, at the Institute for Development and Communication (IDC). Her work focuses on two separate research fields - Gender and Justice and Democratic Governance. She has 27 years of research experience. Her work experience includes Global Director of the institutional, Police Station Visitor Week Programme, Altus Global Alliance; Visiting Professor at the School of Public Policy, Central European University and Advisor to Chairman on National Sub-Committee to Devise Pathways to Improve Conditions of Schools MHRD, GOI. She is a member of Haryana Governance Reforms Authority (HGRA). Her Publications include Mapping Criminal Justice Delivery in India (2009), which is co-authored; Gender Discourse in Elections: Constructing a Constituency? (2011) and Gender Narratives and Elections-Mandate for Safety, Development or Rights? (2015) in Sage edited volumes and Gender Identity and Violence: Female Deselection in India (2014) published by Routledge.