Workshop on Exploring Creative Writing: Trust in your strengths!


Date: Aug. 22, 2016

Venue: Green Room. Convention Centre, Jal and Navroji Campus, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

We all have our strengths - no doubt! Maybe someone is a marvelous cook, a talented singer, a courageous climber, maybe someone is brilliant at solving complicated maths problems or unique when it comes to sensitive listening to other people. Some of our strengths are obvious, others could be rather hidden.

In this creative writing workshop we will follow our strengths: What do we know about them? Do we trust in them? Do we give them the chance to make us stronger every day? Creative write impulses will help us to get into the writing process and to find our personal way of expression for our individual topics.

There’s no need to be experienced in creative writing or have an earlier training. You just need to be an enthusiast looking to overcome your inhibitions. Lead yourself to this one day inspiring experience with like-minded people with whom you share your ideas, get feedback on your work and learn a variety of techniques to enhance your creative writing skills. begin your journey as a writer !


Ms Gabriele Welke is an adult educator working at a women's academy called Frauenakademie in Ulm, Germany. This academy offers further education for women in a wide range of subjects such as Philosophy, Psychology, Economy, Arts, Literature, Gender Topics, Politics and History. Gabriele teaches literature, integrative poetry and creative writing at the Academy and is involved in a few inter-cultural projects. She will be visiting TISS in August 2016. Please visit Academy web page and Gabriele's web page for details. These pages are in German.


Enrollment Procedure:

Enrollment is on first come, first serve basis. Please write to Dr Nishi Mitra/Ms Shashikala Mudgal, Advanced Centre for Women's Studies at nishimitra[at]tiss[dot]edu/shashikala.mudgal[at]tiss[dot]edu.Phone Contact :025525065  /02225525361 / 9769285145 ( office hours). Workshop registration fees of Rs. 500/ (Lunch and Snack included) has to be paid as demand draft in favour of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai by July 25, 2016 at the latest. Download Application Form