Hyderabad Off-Campus

International Workshop on “Writing Histories of a Provincial Economy: Odisha, from Early Modern to Modern”


Date and time: Oct. 29, 2021 4:30PM - Oct. 30, 2021 8:30PM

This two-day online workshop aims to bring together a set of scholars from social sciences and humanities who are interested in longue durée economic history of Odisha. In the period under consideration, that is, broadly from the late sixteenth to early twentieth century, Odisha was a provincial space in two senses of the term. In the early modern phase, it became a subah of various Indian empires, the Mughals, the Qutubsahis and Nizams of Golconda, the Nazims of Bengal, and the Marathas of Nagpur. In the modern phase, it came to occupy the position of a periphery in the Imperial British world system. As a subah and periphery, the region saw the formation and consolidation of a provincial economy over the centuries. The workshop is interested to trace this history. In this historiography, the term provincial is understood not as a term of lack, but one of plenitude.

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