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NRG Seminar Series Talk, " Degrowth: One Tile in the Pluriverse Mosaic" by Dr. Pierre Smith Khanna,


Oct. 29, 2020 2:00PM - 3:30PM

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NRG Seminar Series Talk 

29th October 2020 (Thursday), 2 PM.

Title of the Talk:  Degrowth: One Tile in the Pluriverse Mosaic

The ways out of the present socio-ecological crisis are numerous - indeed this is both a strength and a necessary source of inspiration in a world dominated by fear and gloom. Climate change, accelerating biodiversity loss, rising inequality and the economic insecurity brought about by the coronavirus pandemic - all have further underscored the need for a radical shift in politics and policy-making. Yet the changes such a shift implies, both in speed, depth and breadth, never seem forthcoming. Degrowth is a burgeoning movement and field of study which seeks to contribute to this paradigm shift both by undermining the existing status quo and paving the way towards a society that puts care and justice at its heart    

Speaker: Dr. Pierre Smith Khanna, Freelance Researcher and Filmmaker, Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Pierre Smith Khanna is a historian and political scientist from London, now based in Barcelona. As a self-taught filmmaker he has dedicated 18 months to creating his first film, Fairytales of Growth, made without a budget and shot on a Canon 60D + tripod and lavalier mic. Formerly a humanities teacher in an alternative international boarding school, Pierre has a deep interest in education and encountering novel ways in which students and teachers can learn together in an environment free of fear and competition. He has co-developed and taught the curriculum for humanities and ecology to young adults ( Brockwood Park School ), co-organised and facilitated the degrowth Summer School (2019) and is now developing a MOOC on Degrowth for the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Pierre is a member of the academic association Research andDegrowth and is currently coordinating the master program in Degrowth at the UAB.

Moderator:  Ms. Reetoma Roy , MA NRG, TISS Hyderabad




NRG Seminar Series Talk" Degrowth: One Tile in the Pluriverse Mosaic by Dr. Pierre Smith Khanna

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