School of Livelihoods and Development

NRG Seminar Series: Voices from the Ground


Date and time: Sept. 3, 2020 2:30AM - 3:30AM

Venue: Zoom Meeting

 NRG Seminar Series Talk

 3rd September (Thursday), 2.30 PM. 


Topic: Voices from the Ground: Livelihood and Health Challenges of the Invisible Riverine Communities of Ganga

Speaker: Dr. Nutan Maurya, Independent Researcher, New Delhi

Moderator: Mr. Harshit Pathak, MA NRG, TISS Hyderabad

Abstract :

Communities that are directly dependent upon natural resources suffer the most in case of degradation of that resource. However, they remain largely invisible in the process of decision-making and management of that common natural resource. Though public awareness and participation are critical components of the State-run Ganga cleaning and rejuvenation programs yet it has never been achieved fully. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach,  this talk focus on the challenges being faced by invisible riverine communities, in this case, fisherfolks and the scope of their participation in the decision-making process.  This talk is an attempt at connecting data of water quality measurements with fisherfolks’ perceptions about river pollution and its impact on their health and livelihood.

We argue that there is a need to formally recognize the communities dependent on the river as a part of the riverine ecosystem. And, it is also important to synchronize their local ecological knowledge with scientific knowledge for implementing better water monitoring techniques. 

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