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Workshop on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH) 4-6th September, 2017 ( RM Campus- TISS Hyderabad)


Venue: RM Campus TISS Hyderabad



The workshop conducted by Key resource persons from Water Aid India and will focus on providing an overview and brief analysis of various Water, Sanitation and Hygiene policies and their delivery models in India, both for urban and rural settings. The sessions will also briefly cover the equity and inclusion needs, realities and ways forward for these policies and programs.


By the end of the 3-day workshop, the participants will have:

1. An overview of various policies and programs related to water, sanitation and hygiene in India.

2. Exposure to some of the field realities around the implementation of these policies and programs

3. An understanding about the issues to focus, in terms of inclusion and equity around these policies and programs.


Detailed Workshop Schedule 

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