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Book Discussion


Jan. 24, 2022

Venue: Online

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TISS Patna Centre invites you to a discussion on a book entitled Liberalised India, Politicised Middle Class and Software Professionals (Routledge 2022), authored by Anshu Srivastava, Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Administration, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), New Delhi. Until recently, before moving to NIEPA, Dr. Anshu Srivastava worked as an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi.

This volume explores the emergence, evolution and definition of the middle class in India. As a class created as the interpreters between the colonial rulers and the millions whom they governed in the pre-Independence era, the Indian middle class has existed in congruence with the state, occupying vital positions in state administration. Since Independence, this middle class underwent major sociological change as they live independent of the state, which affected their social, economic and political position, reaping benefits of liberalisation and globalisation through education and employment.
An otherwise internally differentiated and heterogeneous group, the new Indian middle class often unifies itself to shape socio-political discourse that affects politics and policymaking, from domestic to international affairs. This volume analyses this class phenomenon through a close study of a new metropolitan middle class in India – the software professionals, emblematic of the ‘new India’. It discusses this emerging class as a political category and their engagements with the state, democracy, political parties, issues of gender, basic necessities and social justice. Further, it discusses their social action and ‘middle class activism’ for issues such as environment, cleanliness and corruption, particularly highlighting its presence in the private sector and electronic media.

Dr. Anshu Srivastava will present her book which will be followed by remarks by two discussants - i) Prof. Manish K. Jha, Professor, School of Social Work, TISS Mumbai and ii) Dr. Charvaak Pati, Assistant Professor, Centre for Development Practice and Research, TISS Patna Centre.

Sufficient time will be allocated for comments and questions by the audience.

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